Furry Online stuff

Author’s Note: I hate the whole transparent background turns white bug. My accident! :sweat:

I personally worked on the logotypes because I used to this personal job.

Prototype logotypes

Final logotypes

Stores & Entertainment logotypes
Blank Store Electronic Center Fluffy Suite Furnishings Furcadia Arcade Furry CASINO Furry Condos Furry PVP Arena McFurries' Fast Food Zootopian Condos, real estate

In-game resort logotypes
Vertical beach/poolside flag logo

Poster* & side/ceiling logos

These logotypes aren’t mature content, so please enjoy the logotypes rated general content.

*: The logo where you can find the subway station.


Gotta love those beautiful conods.

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I prefer more in Resort, but due to FA’s taking down my submissions, this project will be no more.

Sorry, I have to forgive my game…

New logotype cuz I crushed so hard…

Not sure if this was a reply to me or not, but I was making fun of how you mispelled “condos” as “conods”.

Holy crap that’s a lotta fur. Say what you want about furries, but you gotta respect the dedication and effort. These logos look great.

My fault! O.O; But I will never work on that Kickstarter project alone.

But unfortunately… this project was never seen the light of day…

Zootopian Condos, real estate
Fixed the typo.

Japanese logos of Furry Online

Original Ver.
ケモノ オンライン (1)

Kemono Online Ver.

What even was this supposed to be? As far as I know, you never did explain that. You just started posting pics from this project without ever really elaborating on what it was. At least, not that I remember anyways. I’m assuming it was gonna be some sort of furry virtual world game?

Judging from the logos, it was probably just meant to be TU but themed around furries

That’s basically what I meant. TU is a virtual world game. Something like this or Second Life or Playstation Home.

RIP PlayStation Home and my SL account. I’m no longer in the fandom. Plus, I want to be a dragon wannabe.

Ikr. I really miss PS Home. Super buggy mess but, man, when it worked it was so amazing.

I first start created this logo which gave me the inspiration of what you’re assuming. I’m creative at logos & logotypes. But since all of people (including game devs on Discord) refuses to work with that sort of thing, because furry cringe does not appeal to online gaming.

According to Egoraptor on YouTube, saying that two pieces don’t mix (combat & world exploring from Zelda OOT). That’s why a lot of people refuse to work on the whole Furry Online project.

Since I move to video games, I officially lose my drawing interest which means I left DA and FA over and over again. That’s also why I don’t have a PayPal account or not having money on my opened art commissions.

It’s too hard for me

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Ah, ok. Makes sense

Ugh… I have to make more of these…

The third one is censored due to forum rules.

I have serious concerns over what is behind that black box. I thought this game was family friendly.

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