Furry Online | PC Game Concept Art

Oof. I’m making a couple of concept art for my PC game I wanted to see


I’m not kickstarting this game because I sucked at programming, 3D modelling and such but this is the game that Furry games on Steam just start losing the fandom

except for Dust the Elysian Tail & Night In The Woods are still beloved by the fandom

Why I’m posting this concept art here anyway?

Well, I posted a discussion on Steam about Furry dating sim and puzzle games being not in my can of Pepsi
I posted my logo on the Boogie Board one time and I stumble across a friend named Dasch McKenzie and she or he asked to make a solid character creation for the game (all five of them)

I will show all the concept art for Furry Online (not counting the adult pic)

After I posted all five solid concept art of the character creation on the same topic, Dasch asked me to kickstart this project

Unfortunately, I don’t wanna kickstart my game all alone because I’m an artist and not a video game programmer or 3D modelling

Last day of June, I posted another concept art on my sketchbook

This is the lobby of the game

The condos

The Dance Club Concert

The Cafeteria

The duelling arena

The trivia room

I will show the concept art for the character creation (again, no adult pic)

The head design of every species

The clothing

The tails

Lastly, the currency of the game

That’s all the concept art for June

Again, I will not kickstart this project because I’m only an artist


Reminds me of the wild videogames and other ambitious projects i made up in primary school


can you be a human??

sadly no

I mean I guess an alternative for your dream game is to just play Tower Unite with a workshop model


I recently got bored with this game and no one on the furry/gaming community are interested of my work

it probably wouldn’t end too good, since most games dont cater to one specific community
like TU allows almost anyone to play and add what they want, allowing more people,
with a furry only community it would only allow furrys to be interested, (and people who would raid the game) which would make it pretty small,
it would also probably end up getting a bad reputation like a lot of games similar such as second life and such

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Yea, I see your point

I stopped playing Second Life because I’m not into the mood this play and collect lindens
And I’m sorry that I’m not a fan Linden Lab’s creation

I will definitely add & remove some features I played in a past

  • No Steam Workshop option (no modding are allowed)
  • Add 3 Fursona Slots to create/edit/play
  • Similar to Hunt and Snare, this game is appealing for adults
  • This game is programmed under the Unreal Engine

Here’s the concept art of the design prototype of the UI
I know my sprites are a bit too small, but it’s my first try

Some of my concept art not appearing in my topic, because of the “no adult content” rules in the forums, you can view in my DA or FA page (but only if you are 18 years old and and had an account)

The others I wanted to add or remove some of the features, but that’s a topic for another day (a.k.a edits)

If you have any question, feel free to reply to me.