Friend can't see me playing Tower Unite on steam nor can't join my game?/condo?

awhile ago, a friend of mine couldn’t see me playing tower unite on steam friends, even tho i have tower unite open like right now, yet he doesn’t see it.

lastly, he even can’t join my game nor my condo.
ive restarted my game, verify game cache, and even uninstalled it.

so question is…

is it steams fault or the game itself?

or probs just anything…

Might be just Steam Friends being inaccurate. The new chat isn’t exactly reliable.

Mostly likely Steams fault. Do you know if it’s only that specific friend that can’t see when you’re playing, or does it happen with others?

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so far only one friend that has been reported to me, however, i did ask other friends and they do see me.

it could be on his end, but what shall he do then?

i already asked him to do the same thing as i did, but no success.

Hmm, it definitely seems to be on his end, but as for what the cause/solution is, it’s hard to say. It could just be his connection to steam, or maybe some setting in steam (that said, I don’t know of any settings that could cause this).

My only suggestion is for your friend to try and reinstall Steam. Just make sure they save their “steamapps” folder to a different location first and put it back after reinstalling so they don’t have to reinstall all of their game library.

That’s honestly the only idea I have, and it’s definitely not with any certainty. It really could just be some inexplicable connectivity error with Steam. Good luck~

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UPDATE: Turns out its steams fault


“sort of”

when i checked at my privacy settings, at “game details” its turned off somehow,
but i turned on and now it works

guess i didn’t took knowledge about the option in the first place

thanks for the suggestions nonenthless!