Freinds condo being de listed from from public condos and being stuck on singleplayer

One of my friends keep trying to open their condo to the public, but it just immediately gets switched back to single player; he also can’t make his condo friends only.

He already sent a support ticket through the discord, but I figure I’d also ask about this here too.
He doesn’t know if he did something wrong and got in trouble or if this is just a bug.

This is likely because they have a condo ban, which typically only happens from hosting “extreme” content in condos. Not too sure what specifically qualifies as extreme, but from what I’ve seen, it’s usually stuff along the lines of explicit drawings of minors, gore, depictions of self-harm, etc. If this is the case, though, the option in the in-condo tab menu to change your condo visibility should also be grayed out. If they haven’t hosted anything along those lines, I’d suggest sending in a ban appeal rather than using the support channel, as it’s likely a ban.