Forcing me to look up constantly

I tried everything , verifying my files in steam, restarting the game, restarting steam, checked my mouse settings, its all correct, I don’t understand. its annoying, I can’t play anything.

You got a controller plugged in?

nope no controller, mouse and keyboard.

Are you using an mouse sharing program like Synergy or teamviewer or something like that? Do you have any mouse problems on other games?

I have teamviewer installed on my pc but i havent used it in a while, no other mouse problems in any other games.

So does that mean that you can’t play any game or any gamemode inside tower unite?

I mean, it would be pretty hard to play anything while staring up at the ceiling constantly.

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Yes i cant play anything in TU, and it’s in TU only.

its so weird, and it’s only in TU.

Yeah, it’s certainly weird. Wouldn’t be all that weird if it happened in every game but for it to only happen in TU is pretty strange.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you invert the y-axis. If you do that, does it force you to look at the floor or still the ceiling?
That is one way of trying to rule out if it is a game issue or a mouse issue. If you still look up, you know almost for sure it is an issue with the game itself.


wow, you are amazing, i put on inverted y axis, it stopped, I put it off again, and now its fixed. so weird.

thanks man !!

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Sounds like a broken config to me that was fixed by re-writing it.

It still happens randomly, all of a sudden it forces me to loop up again, i go to settings and put the y axis on and off and its fixed again. Any idea to get rid of it for good?

Try checking if that’s the case, maybe you can narrow it down to certain conditions.

It always happens when I alt tab out of the game, and I go back in I start turning around forcing me to loop up while I am turning around.

I play fullscreen windowed.

its doing it again, its spinning fast now, nothing works anymore, inverting, restarting, reconnecting.

Its been fine for weeks now been playing alot , and all of a sudden it’s back. :frowning:

Yesterday was Patchday, you could try rolling back Windows Updates to check if that changed anything. I wouldn’t recommend keeping your system outdated permanently though, just to check if that changed it.

rolling back windows updates ? why ? What’s that gonna change? Im working with windows 10 PRO. I can’t just uninstall updates. It’s gonna make my pc not work like it’s supposed to, so strange that I’m the only one that has this problem, what the hell man, I payed for this game, I love this game, and now again, I can’t play it for shit, fix your shit guys.

People are trying to help you. The issue you are getting is something on your end and he is only trying to find out what is causing it.

Did you unplug every usb device except your mouse and keyboard?

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