add hunger and thirst.

and food and drinks that would be cool .
and that then 1 kind of food and 1 kind of drinks for free is.

No. This is not a survival game. Mac is already opposed to adding a stamina bar because it’s limiting. He’s certainly not gonna add this.

EDIT: Also, this has been suggested and shot down before.


Food and drinks have been added to the ‘to-do’ list via a community poll. Hunger and thirst would be out of place of a game like Tower Unite, so, I don’t really support this suggestion.


I also don’t really like this suggestion as it really does not seem to fit the whole idea of Tower Unite and it would also break the flow of the game in some situations. For instance imagine if you want to play in the casino with friends for a few hours or take in a few games of bowling. It would sort of break the flow of the game if you had to keep going back to your condo or wherever to get food and drink to make sure you don’t drop down dead.


I agree. Adding hunger and thirst would kind of remove the flow of gameplay mostly because if you want to keep doing mini-game runs, at some point you would have to stop just to go to your condo and do the cooking stuff. In other words, it forces the player to do something he might not or might want to do at that point, something which is not the design goal of this project.

However, I get why some people are coming in and suggesting this. After all, since Cooking has been added, it must have some end result right? And that’s something that I have seen people curious about, because it would be kind of an overkill to have a whole cooking system just for having a shader on your screen again. :worried:


Pretty much everything in Tower Unite should be something fun and optional IMO.
If your are forced to interact with something you don’t want to interact with it usually isn’t fun.
Also as everyone above me has mentioned something like this would become a pretty absurd interruption after a while.

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Instead of hunger and thirst, food could give you stats like jump boost, speed, or maybe even extra luck at the casinos.


That sounds pretty cool actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Not only has this been suggested before, and was highly opposed, it was basically confirmed by MacDGuy that it would never happen.

I find it a little annoying that people keep suggesting things that try to make TU like minecraft (this food system, mining, etc.). No offense, but if you want to play minecraft, then play minecraft.

Here’s why I hate hunger bars.

Our goal with Tower Unite is not to mimic reality. Our goal is to let players have fun without limits and without always conforming to reality.

Hunger bars, air bars (when underwater), and others go completely against what I consider fun in a game.

Example, The Ship. An otherwise great game if it weren’t for the…

Oh, cool, I’m an assassin and I have to carefully pick out my target without them knowing and there they are- OH, NO, I DIED BECAUSE I FORGOT TO TAKE A SHOWER.

Games that do these things literally take away enjoyment for literally zero reasons. Yes, you could argue that a hunger bar adds immersion, but at what point in time in a video game do you want to stop EVERYTHING you’re doing to… increase a bar on the screen. How is that fun?

It adds no variety or enjoyment to the game. It adds no actual real gameplay and instead just adds a timer for the entire duration of the game.

Call me old fashioned, but I hate this new trend of survival games that just slap on hunger bars and add nothing to the actual gameplay. When am I gonna get a survival game where I actually have to use my wit to survive and not “oh, I gotta eat food all day”.

This is in no way aimed towards anyone, I just needed to vent about this frustrating aspect to games.
This is also my opinion, not anyone else on the team.


Well I mean, haven’t you heard making games is hard? I mean its too hard to think about anything else than a 0-100 variable that you need to keep above 0… /S Means Sarcasm BTW

If I might take a point, I believe they explained why they took the design choice of including needs on The Ship: Exactly to make you carefully plan everything you do.

Yes, I will give you that, at first the idea sounds off, for some people it even feels plain stupid (and don’t worry, I know more people who agree with you) but if you think about it, it adds a new layer of planing to the strategy of the game, making you have to carefully think if you should delay the killing of your quarry, as well hiding yourself from your killer. You have to pick the right spot to recover or stats, or a frying pan to the face you have, else, you could just hide in front of the guard till the round ends. :sweat:

But I agree with you in the point that most survival games would benefit for having a new hand of mechanics. Slapping needs on them isn’t going to add the depth that it needs to tackle, and the only game I have seen do it half-right was Unturned, where, if you play with friends on a good difficulty level, you are always checking who has what to recover what needs. Other’s don’t do such fine job, and to today, I am still waiting for a good game that tackles the Castaway theme.

But regarding to the topic, I agree that Tower is not the best game for it. If people want it, someone will mod it, but it’s not a stock thing that needs to exist. However, If you can, please make them more than just shaders.

Yeah, I understand that, but that’s a really bad way of going about it. Timers annoy the hell out of me, unless there is a clear reason for them like a time trial mode.

Also in The Ship the fatal flaw is that you can be killed while you search for your food or whatever. The other fatal flaw with that system is how they force you to avoid what makes the game interesting - being an assassin on a cruise ship.

I love certain things about The Ship that already add enough layers of strategy such as the guards and the bank.

Also, I actually do love The Ship, I just have to turn off the needs system to enjoy it.

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That’s really cool, sort of like potions in other games.

No. I would not like to see this game become survival. Maybe a gamemode with something like this?

I didn’t mean adding a stamina bar. I meant having drinks and foods that give stuff like luck in casino and stuff like that,

I can see food and drinks (like popcorn and soda) being useful in the Theatre, and perhaps drinks like bottled water available everywhere else on-the-go, but I wouldn’t add an effect or requirement to them. The food and drinks should be purely for enjoyment, not a requirement. They don’t need to have a special effect tied to them.

As for theatre snacks mentioned above, it is quite easy to expect the developers to already be considering them. After all, we have a perfectly good food and drink stand fit just for a theatre.

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