Fanmade Tower Unite Banner for Steam

Its not the best and was made in, I got the Tower Unite Logo with the transparent background then went into the html/css code for the tower unite website and looked at the fonts it was using and picked the Queen of Camelot font for the top and bottom font. Then I got a screenshot off billybobjoey’s showcase of the day/night cycle. I then blurred the image and put the logo over the picture. What do you think guys?.


It looks really nice! I like the ‘Play Create Party’ font too.

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Thank you!

Very nice work. :smiley_cat:

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Nice job you did there on the logo!
Also I love how there’s only a few lines missing for the Y to make it a hakencross.

Thx for the feedback :smiley:

Oh lol your right xD, thx for the support

I like it. Maybe size down the logo a bit so its not just cropped off at the bottom

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Yeah that was something that I noticed with it. I will probs make another one soon but I need to see the actual Steam Banner to get an idea on what kind of artstyle they want.

I think they said it will be on steam some time this month

Yeah on their trello it says in 7 hours but im not too sure.

Trello doesn’t get updated that often. I think they moved on to a spreadsheet or something

Yeah :frowning: 10% on the steam banner

There needs to be a bit more free space around the margins of the logo, other than that it’s grand.

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