Fake suggestions

Add a jokingly unrealistic update to the Tower Unite game

I’ll start…

Make it possible to buy an entire city from the realtor for 50 million units.


Catsack gives you a 15.000.000 units

fix Planet Panic


sorry devs it was a joke k?


Honestly not a bad idea, could make catsacks act kind of like a lottery ticket with huge prizes :smiley:

How about a counter that logs how many backers and PTG developers you’ve encountered going from server to server? Think of it like those collectathon games, except it’s highly unlikely to find them all in your career playing the game. To make the suggestion worse, add an achievement for completing that collection, so it’ll be near impossible like the “Yes, I’m the real Garry!” achievement from Garry’s Mod.

can we have pony models

and bring back anime models an wabbits and and

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Every Condo MUST have porn


Every player must have atleast one anime cutout in their condos.

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An infinite use stun gun with infinite range that can be used everywhere in the plaza, including the casino.


Backers banned…


Donald Trump player model

More enhanced inventory and building management because seriously, why polish the game itself

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Nuff said


killer fishing rods


finish the each part of the game by the quarters they were assigned to

Since a huge part of TU is its users, we can never be sure there isn’t adult content where it doesn’t belong and whoever makes it accessible flags it correctly. Therefore we need the game to have an R+ rating and enforce this by having the user solve a CAPTCHA at first launch. This CAPTCHA will only feature “Only 90es kids will remember this” questions and if the user gets it wrong, the game uninstalls itself and sends a refund request to Steam Support.

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More TU rule 34

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casino removal.

strip poles(need’em for my party room)

1,000,000 $Unit burger king crown is added…oh wait…

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