Failed to compile player mode

I have rigged an old model of mine but can figure what the cause of this error is. Nothing in the output is hinting to the cause, and I have tried many different fixes for 2 days but I can really use some pointers for potential causes.

what model and are you fully rigging it like normal on to all bones (or just onto one)?

It’s an original model but basically a tiny ball. I rigged the entire model to one bone, but is that the cause of the issue? I have seen models which don’t seem to be fully rigged so I assumed it was ok.

yeah i know what’s going on (it happened to the blorp models)
you need to have it rigged to at least 2 bones,

im guess you use blender, here is what to do in blender rigging to fix
do full red heavy weight on the bone you want all over the model so it stays to that bone,
then go to another bone and paint 1 vertex with the least amount of weight possible so it won’t follow that bone at all and will still try to follow that main bone.

that works and doesn’t make it broken looking if done right, it will act as if it was rigged to one bone, if my explanation was hard to understand i can try to send pictures to help

I can confirm that the single bone was the issue, and I did add minimum wait to another and it Loaded instantly.

Thank you so much, I was having so much trouble on this!

Hey, would you mind making the video? I’m having this same problem

I’m still having a lot of problems with this. if u have a video tutorial on it pls link