faces of model seem to brake from other faces

After watching the PlayerModels workshop video give or take 13 times in 1 hour for 4 hours, I could not find out what my problem was when this arouse out of nowhere, this did happen on my other models but not as much as this new one did. unknown
The Faces seem to tear/break from other faces making it look like nothing as the original.

The reason the model looks inverted is due to the renderer in blender bugging out with roblox models. I did use r15 meaning that there are actual articulating body parts instead of the original roblox playermodels (r6) that use a single model, With my limited knowledge of blender I used the solidify modifier but that made no change. I did do all the weight stuff, manual and automatic. And still no change. I searched all around this forum, reddit, and some other obscure websites, Nothing about this issue. I looked for this problem on blender related forums and still no progress.

I am so confused about this single problem that may be right under my nose

select each segment individually in edit mode and press M, then merge by distance . it’ll merge all of your unconnected vertices together . i wouldn’t recommend doing it for the entire model, as it might make the model more “bendy” than segmented , just do it for each segment individually