Extreme ping

Me and my uncle both play TU and suffer from random extreme ping, most of the time it’s on the servers we are not close to, but on occasion the closer servers do it too.

I’m on wifi and he is running ethernet and we both suffer from this issue only in TU, we also both have more than adequate gaming computers, with high internet speeds.

The issue it mostly happens when we are on servers with more than 10 people so we kind of only play on san fran servers with no other users, but it’s extremely annoying to try and do events like snowball fight when the high pop servers keep us around 100-150 with random spikes to around 300.

Is there any thing that can help us?

I don’t know if there’s anything you can do, but the devs are working on moving the game to Unreal 4.19 which has a lot of server improvements, so when that happens you’ll probably have lower ping on the servers.


What sucks is that it got worse when the Halloween update came out, and my uncle nearly refuses to play until the arcade comes out. Cause of stuff like low pop servers not letting you interact with some stuff for some bizarre reason and ping issues on high pop.

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When the Halloween update released we hit a collisions limit that caused issues for servers with many players, causing players to be able to pass through walls and floors. I don’t recall there being an issue relating to ping back then, but keep in mind that we’re always optimising the game with each and every update. As @CalculatorSpoon mentioned, the engine upgrade will help out a lot with server lag.

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