EXP question for dev

I was able to get to the first milestone for ZM LC and V in an average of an hour for each. Do you personally feel like this is reasonable or are there future changes addressing this?

Reasonable as in you think it takes too long or was too quick?

Future changes are always a possibility based on player feedback.

I am curious if that is what you expected it to take to earn each milestone, around an hour of gameplay. I personally feel like thats a little too quick. Six to 8 eight hours gets you all the milestones to some extent. Feel like big items like these should be worked and worked for.

While you may think it is too quick, there are also other players who have been complaining that the current xp rates take too long. We’ll be adjusting things based on feedback to try to strike as close of a balance as we can between the two groups.

Anyone with an opinion on this issue should share it, so we can hear everyone’s opinions.


There needs to be a good balance between grindy and easy to get, either one of the two and exp isnt very rewarding. Just a case of finding that balance.

People who play a few hours a day should be able to get the milestones eventually without people who play all day being able to get them all in one day. All of course without it feeling too grindy, it is definitely a difficult issue.


Figure I’ll post my opinion here for the devs to get some feedback:

While I am in the camp of enjoying longer grinds, after seeing that some people got really upset with today’s rate nerf, I think no further nerfs would be needed. I do however think some rate buffs are necessary for some plaza activities, namely Typing Derby and Trivia. I think maybe the others could also use some small buffs but it’s not nearly as bad for Bowling or Minigames.


Haven’t personally played with the nerf yet, but I agree with the rest as some buffs are definitely needed.

Here’s my opinion about the nerfs: I think the gameworlds are fine with the nerfs, you can still get a lot of exp from them and it doesn’t feel like a chore to get it. I think the plaza minigames, bowling, and laser tag are also fine (not sure about trivia, I don’t play that a lot). But, I do agree that Typing Derby and theater should get some buffs. It takes way too long to get EXP in them in my opinion.


I agree that the XP rates should be buffed for some of the plaza minigames. That’s my opinion and I am discussing it with the team.

Of course, there will be no further nerfing of XP rates for anything. We felt the game world rates were a bit too fast, but any further reductions would only begin to make it frustrating.


Thank you for the feedback. This seems to be a consensus among players.


Mac has said before that he wants to have a prestige system for people who want to go further than just the base level up experience. I think this would be a good compromise, because it allows people who enjoy a longer term progression system to have something to still work on, while keeping the original progression line reasonable for players who don’t have much time to play and just want to get the milestone items.


Definitely agree with that. After almost maxing out the exp in ball race it didn’t feel like there was much left to do besides achievements, if a prestige system was added then that would be great.
Thanks for caring about the exp system, I know a lot of developers that would have just added it and left it at that.

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I feel like Virus could need a slight boost. Yesterday I’ve played a game where I came in first place almost all the time with 4-5 kills, sometimes even finishing as the last survivor - and I could barely see my progress. Can’t imagine how slow it must be for some of the less good players, considering the Infected payout is really low.

I feel the EXP rates for ball race are incredibly low, A player shouldn’t be punished for playing by themself. (This technically also applies to the unit output of Ball Race as well)

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Some do seem a bit fast, then again a lot of us have been playing tons since the update, it’ll be a lot more time consuming for someone with just a few hours here and there, it’s a hard balance to get right to suit all players.
I like the idea of rolling rewards / prestige especially because there’s no way to get extra turrets from ZM and other placeable condo items. I think it should be reasonably easy to get condo placeables and multiple of them, but equippables a bit longer since it only makes sense to have 1 of each.

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Obviously the process for getting them shouldn’t be too quick, because once you got them all, there’s nothing else to collect

With the prestige system and gameworld catsacks i’m sure that feeling of nothing else to get will at least be slightly gone.


my hoarder side would love collecting them

True, I’m hoping to get every single one of them too, but I don’t want to get bored of the game after that’s done.

I was thinking more of collecting for the sake of collecting if I’m right about how gameworld catsacks work