EXP question for dev


I personally think it should take 25-50% longer. Recently someone played just about 6 hours of ball race and got every item- now what? It seems too quick to blow all the rewards at once and I myself think they should take a bit longer as to keep the rewards coming for longer.


Yea I completely agree with you, @EvKem. Milestones were supposed to be long term goals for each gameworld, but you can get all of them for a gameworld if you dedicate an afternoon to it.


Some of us have jobs, you know

I’ve played every afternoon since the backend worked and don’t have a single rank yet, despite playing some gameworlds more than others


I work; ive played about six hours of TU since the update. I have five different milestone items.


if gameworld catsacks are rewarded from prestiging then I don’t really see a problem since the higher level players would still get rewarded


I see what you mean. But I still think these more major rewards should at least be a little more spread out.


I think it might be a rank reward every 10k exp is a new rank I think and I don’t mean badges


The biggest issue of all this is that gamers are trying to grind all of this stuff out.

In my personal opinion, I think certain aspects should get more xp while most stuff can stay the same.
bowling, plaza, most of the gamemodes are fine.

But I feel like virus should up the xp of being an infected up a little, just at least to a minimum off maybe 900 xp. as getting 345 xp when I need 100,000 can suck, especially since each round lasts 90 seconds.

typing derby needs more just straight out needs more xp.

Maybe a little more xp for laser tag when you lose.

Minigames are fine but snowball still needs to be fixed. Other then that, I’m pretty sure everything is solid

while it might seem like it’s taking no time at all for you, some people have jobs, school, lifes, events, and just simply not enough time to play this game. which will make it seem like 50 marathons.


i think mikusch meant badges not ranks as it’s 100k for every badge.
(plus ranks aren’t super noticeable)


I don’t mind the EXP taking long. Its good to always have something to grind towards.


I’ve managed to max out ZM in ~3 days while struggling to get xp in Virus since being infected puts you at earning 300 xp w/o infecting anyone. With ball race it’s 500 xp every round when you play alone so eh
Maybe Virus needs a buff but ZM seems to need a nerf more. Also typing derby is more of a pain for any xp.


Nerfing things even further will just piss other people off. Nerfs shouldn’t be the norm to make games fun nor should it be rewarding to work on something, which was somewhat easier in the first place. For now, I think buffs on certain gameworlds/modes are nesessary.


Hello everyone!

After some deliberation, we have decided to make a couple changes. Typing Derby and Trivia will have their xp payouts doubled in the next update.