EXP got reset

Good Day Devs or someone who can help. My exp got reset today, annoyingly, my achievement progress too. I still have milestone items but my progress is lvl 0. tried resetting and reconnecting but to no avail. Can I have some help please? it sounds like the problem “XP reset” this guy had too. my steam profile is Sign In.

Thank you for the help.

you might want to dm caboose700 with proof of your milestone items (if you already haven’t contacted him or if him or one of the other devs hasn’t contacted you already)

he’ll likely restore your exp if you can prove you had exp and lost it (which you can do via proving that you have the milestones)

edit: upon a closer look caboose responded to your last post saying that he’ll “look into it next week”


Hey loley and Caboose, thank you, Ive sent messages showing screenshots of my trophies + the points I earned after the reset. Sorry for the multiple posts, I had no way of checking if my previous post was pending or if it got lost. :frowning: thank you very much for all your help