Everyone but me crashes when enterting Condo that worked perfect before [] Broken Feature

I’ve had the default condo for years. It’s always worked perfectly. i took a break from the game to come back and anyone who enters has their game crash. multiple people. multiple graphic settings. no workshop items and no custom images.

anyone entering my condo, they will crash.

everyone crashes but me

1 or 2 people have filled a crash report. 8-15 people have crashed…so far. :confused: . But im not opening it to the public until its fixed because i dont want people random to crash.

My friend had the same problem; everyone but him would crash in his default condo that was fine for years and years until

We were able to deduce that the speed of the crash meant it was caused by something that was close to spawn, and also because it was stable if I ran far out into the ocean and had him reload the snapshot. Only when I approached the building did it crash again.

After about a half hour of meticulously putting items away room by room, we eventually figured out that the water cooler was causing the problem (an item that was significantly updated with He replaced it and all was fine.

Idk if this will work, buuuuut if you have a water cooler, especially one that you may have placed down years ago, try putting it away and have someone join.

i’ll check but im pretty sure i dont have a water cooler. Thanks for the info!

Eyyyyy I did have a water cooler! I stashed it and now waiting for someone to try joining

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omg it worked!!! i got rid of my water cooler and people can join now!


cool kid jitters