Every time I attempt to load the game it crashes instantly

The title sums it up rather well

I have tried:

  • Updating drivers
  • Removing all subscribed workshop addons
  • Re-installing the game
  • Launching with administrator
  • Launching steam with admin to then launch the game with admin
  • All of the above with both DX11 & DX10

"Tower Unite has encountered a fatal error which it could not recover from.

Please describe what you were doing in the game before it crashed. Any details will help us resolve it!"

I have checked the crash dumps folder and nothing new was even generated.

PC specs:

  • Intel I7 6700K (4 cores)
  • GTX 1070
  • 16 GB DDR4 ram

As much as I can hope this is resolved, I have no more information that I can provide.


There are typically two reasons the game will crash on boot. One is that the graphics driver need to either be re-installed, or updated. This crash is caused by a faulty graphics driver, not telling the engine that the GPU is available.

The other possible crash, is that the game download was corrupted. Since you have tried re-installing the game, and I assume re-validating the game cache, you can try uninstalling the game, and re-installing it to a different folder.

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