Event Horizon (

Event Horizon - a new Ball Race map!

Major Changes

  • Added new Ball Race map - Event Horizon!
  • Plaza: New Bait Shop & Boat Rental (for the upcoming fishing update)
  • Plaza: Added detail to Fresh store (part 1)
  • Plaza: Added new upgrades store window displays
  • Plaza: Added private theater entrance area (for upcoming private theater feature)


  • Plaza: Moved the boat launch building over to give the new bait shop & boat rental building more space
  • Plaza: Cleaned up the railings around the boardwalk
  • Plaza: Added more night lighting around boardwalk
  • Updated the targets in Target Practice to be visible during night time better (they no longer appear dark at all). Also updated the effects for the special targets
  • Added target lifetime indicators to Target Practice so you can tell when a target is about to remove itself
  • Updated the lighting in Minigolf - Forest to look much better
  • Updated leaderboard scoreboards screens in Plaza to show top 10 instead of just top 5
  • NPC item no longer shows prompt for talking to them if they have no dialogue lines at all
  • NPC item no longer shows leave dialogue if there is no dialogue lines
  • NPC item no longer shows talk button if there is no dialogue lines
  • Collection book now remembers the last scroll bar position after you’ve closed it and reopened it
  • Improved the look of the diamond golf ball
  • Updated engine sounds for RC golf cart
  • Added a setting to enable dynamic weapon scopes (like the crossbow) for better performance
  • Added a gameplay reset option to reset all plaza trackers (plushies, info markers, and camera spots)
  • Updated diamond jetpack trail
  • Reduced the scale of the RC car

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Added collision to the plaza road’s trim so players can no longer fall through it when using the tiny potion
  • Plaza: Reduced texture data from ~760MB to ~740MB which will very slightly improve load times (ongoing process)
  • Plaza: Added collision to a metal wall behind the tower that did not have collision
  • Plaza: Fixed a gap in the escalators
  • Fixed a bug leading to plaza minigame payouts not always working
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed the tubes getting players stuck by redoing them entirely
  • Minigolf - Altitude: Fixed Hole 18 being the absolute worst
  • Ball Race - Khromidro: Reduced the chance of falling through the finish circles without actually finishing
  • Ball Race - Summit: Fixed various different areas where you could get stuck
  • Virus - Hospital: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t infect players in certain areas
  • Virus: Fixed workshop models sometimes loading in after the virus player model is set, causing infected players sometimes not being the infected model
  • Fixed a couple exploits with vote kicking
  • Fixed a couple exploits regarding upgrade items
  • Fixed Throwable Popcorn and Camera weapon shadows drawing when they shouldn’t be
  • Fixed Casino anti-macro check breaking equipables when it failed to verify
  • Fixed first person legs causing players to be headless while using RC vehicles
  • Fixed monster potion creating lag and preventing switching monsters after doing the attack animation
  • Fixed achievement: Ribs Grow Back You Know
  • Fixed achievement: Big Bucks
  • Fixed achievement: Casino Addict
  • ZM: Optimized boss intros
  • ZM: Optimized monster materials and textures

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You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.








cool as hell map


Hell to the yes!!

You know, even through we miss all the streams, being an European TU player has its perks. Thanks devs! :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: okay, I don’t think saying that would give enough credit where credit is due, as I’ve just read the changelog and the update itself is really neat! :ok_hand:

now this is epic

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