Emulator Mod(?)

As seen in the last stream, emulators are possible to use in the game but can not implemented into the game for copyright reasons. I know this is probably to early to ask, but would it be possible for someone to create a mod where you can use emulators by via workshop? I would love to see this.

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I don’t see why you couldn’t. Given the fact that not only Zak built an emulator in Unreal Engine, but other people have as well. We’ll have to see what is actually possible with the workshop api for Tower Unite, but if it’s what I think (full reign (custom model, custom code)), then we’ll see some mods for it.

The only problem I could see with uploading emulator games to the workshop is that, people may blatantly copy games such as pokemon and other games. I’m not saying I don’t want to play pokemon in Tower Unte, it’s just it may cause a bit of legal trouble.

We aren’t talking games for emulators, were talking emulators themselves. I’m sure whoever builds these emulators are going to make YOU provide the ROM.


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I like Zak’s response here. It would suck if they were held liable because a custom server had ROMs on them and PixelTail got in trouble.

I don’t see what that has to do with what we are talking about. If someone makes an Emulator Mod for Tower Unite, it’s none of Pixeltails concern.


Look at this part of the livestream

“Zak: Yeah, I don’t expect anyone to write a SNES emulator in LUA, that would be disastrous and terrible, and I don’t recommend it.”

Why are you guys so deadset on causing issues for the developers? Do you really want them to have this game DMCAed?

First off, who here said anything about coding the emulator in Lua? Unreal Engine 4 uses pure C++ code, and given what we know about the Workshop support in Tower Unite, gestures that modders will be able to use it to. If Zak could easily do it, a modder could do it. IF a modder does it, it’s none of Pixeltail’s Concern.

I’m not dead-set on causing issues for the developers at all. I truly respect the developer’s decision not to implement their own Emulator into the game. But that decision doesn’t stop any fucker in the workshop from implementing their own into a mod for the same game. Anyway, my whole point being, if someone makes a “copyrighted” mod for a game, the developer of that game isn’t responsible. If anything, Valve would be since it would be hosted on their Workshop.

If you want to piss off valve and get yourself and pixeltail in trouble, sure.


How about all the copyrighted material on the Workshop for Garry’s Mod already hmmm? Does Valve have the license to Metroid, Mario, Zelda? No. And the reason that doesn’t matter, is because Valve didn’t make them. By your logic, Pixeltail should already be in trouble for using the pigmen and other nintendo assets in Ultimate Chimera Hunt.

Also, as already talked about many times on this forum, Emulators are not illegal nor copyright infringing.

That’s a free gamemode, that’s why they’re allowed to use it. Did you completely miss the whole reason why they can’t do UCH?

Why don’t we just submit pigmen and ghosts to the workshop lmao

Let’s stick a free copy of CS:GO into this game for anyone who buys it too

No I didn’t. I don’t think you understand what we are talking about. They can’t use the models in Tower Unite, because Pixeltail doesn’t have the right to use them. However, if someone where to make a Workshop Mod for Tower Unite that replaces the Little Crusaders models with Pigmen, all would be fine. Because at the end of the day, it isn’t Pixeltail’s responsibility what someone does to their own copy of their game.

Just like how Rockstar doesn’t get any DMCA requests because someone modded in Iron Man on their own copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

So to re-iterate what I am saying, because you don’t seem to understand it. I am not calling for Pixeltail to implement Emulators. I’m not even saying I want them. What I am saying, is that there is no restriction, from someone creating a Workshop Mod for Tower Unite, that implements a runnable Emulator. None. At All. It isn’t even Valve’s issue, because, like I’ve said many times, Emulators are not illegal or copyrighted. Now, you would have an argument if this Emulator mod for Tower Unite provided ROMs with it, then it would be on Valve to remove it from the Workshop. But it strictly being an Emulator that loads ROMs from the user’s machine, doesn’t violate any of those rules.

You seem to be thinking that because someone makes a Workshop Game Modification for Tower Unite, that it falls on Pixeltail to deal with it. That is simply not the case.

Good Lord, @loiloiloi, you’re toxic.

I really, really hope you know that the developer of a game can’t be held responsible for whatever copyright its modders infringe upon. That’d never hold up in any court.

@Caboose700 brings up a great point that completely refutes yours: The GMOD workshop is riddled with copyright infringement.

This story doesn’t apply to free modifications, it applies to an asset stolen from Aion and made to be purchased with real money for use in DOTA 2. Very different things.

Your article answers this question.

You’re right, why don’t we? We can, and someone will, because it’s a free mod. If Nintendo wants to take it down, the modder will get in trouble.

This literally proves your whole argument wrong.


That’s because it’s free I thought


If you want to get yourself and pixeltail in trouble, sure.

Nailed it

When the Howl was DMCAed, who was the one who got in trouble?

sigh…That’s not how that works.

You must forget that the Howl item was being sold for actual money.

(I don’t want to join the current conversation, but…) I honestly want this topic closed/locked if the argument won’t stop​:disappointed:. I’m sorry, but I didn’t expect my question to be a argument, I wanted it to be just a simple question. Can we just all get along? :neutral_face: