Elliott's Adventure Map

This is a linear adventure/exploration map with several different themes between each area of the three sections. There are also a few jumping/parkour sections throughout the map with both easy and hard paths. Hidden throughout the map are 4 clues found in notebooks to find that will allow you to guess correctly on the end puzzle. Take your time and explore!

So far it has taken me around 370+ hours of work. It has been very fun to make and I have learned a lot. It would be awesome to get some thumbs up ratings in the workshop if you enjoyed it! :+1: F.A.Q & Changelog are below the screenshots! The map is still getting a lot of updates frequently as shown in the steam workshop Change Notes ( view ). Feel free to suggest anything in this thread or let me know of any bugs/issues you come across.

Q: How long is the map? How long did it take to make?
A: Around 30 - 45+ mins to complete without rushing. The map has taken me over 370 hours to make so far.

Q: Should anything be disabled in this map?
A: Jetpacks

Q: What do the “No return past this point” signs mean?
A: These signs indicate the end of a section (3 in total), you cannot backtrack once you go through. Apart from these section changes you can always backtrack and explore more.

Q: Why am I having a hard time going through teleports?
A: Your workshop model size is probably causing the issue, change your workshop model to the default or a more normal sized model. You can also remove any size potions.

Q: Why am I having problems with the platforming/jumping parts?
A: Overly large or small player models seem to have a harder time making jumps, try the default or a more normal sized player model. Try removing size potions or you may also be simply jumping too early or too late.

Full Map Changelog:
New in October/November 2021:
-Several fixes/improvements across the map

New in September 2021:
-Added Space Odyssey bedroom
-Improved texture scales across the map
-Improved sound volumes across the map
-Several additions across the map
-Several fixes to lighting and surfaces across the map

New in August 2021:
-Added SCP-087 (Staircase) to first section
-Added backtracking through memory puzzle
-Adjusted easy paths to be slightly easier
-Improved text in several notebooks
-Improved waste pit respawning
-Removed more bushes for map optimization
-Replaced some ground textures across the map
-Several additions across the map
-Several fixes/improvements across the map

New in July 2021:
-Added map to steam workshop
-Added images to vent teleports in large house
-Added a secret area to the end
-Replaced mars ground texture
-Replaced/removed more large file size workshop items
-Several small additions across the map
-Several fixes/improvements across the map

New in May & June 2021:
-New Skyglide & Climb challenge area
-Optimized every canvas image reducing overall file size
-Tons of fixes/improvements across the map

New in April 2021:
-New Tunnel section & ending area
-New Phasmophobia truck to first section
-Added extra objects around mars planet
-Several improvements to lava & waste pit
-Several map optimizations:
*Removed 82 bushes, 30 trees & 96 grass objects
*Replaced/removed large file size workshop items
-Several fixes/improvements across the map

New in March 2021:
-New mars planet location
-New easier branching path for lava pit section
-New slenderman area in first section
-New visual upgrade to all teleports
-Better texture size in large house for floor/vents
-Visual improvements to hedge maze
-Vent overall size improvements
-Various sound/lighting adjustments to every location
-Platforming/Jumping sections are now easier
-Removed all high poly workshop items
-Several fixes/improvements across the map

New in February 2021:
-Started map


How do you get out of the kitchen in the house to the next area?

If you are on the fridge/kitchen counter already, run along the counter there will be another vent to enter just past the sink. Should be hard to miss at that point. I tried making the vent visible from ontop the fridge but I can see how it might still be missed.

I have added something to the top of the fridge that should help direct people if they are unsure where to go next. I am also doing small updates/improvements every other day or so, checking the change notes on the workshop page will show all the smaller changes I have been doing.

Now that August is behind us, here is what has been changed/added in my map over the past month!

First off, more map optimizations have taken place, removing more bushes, reducing all and removing some portal particles and a further reduction in overall workshop item file size. I have also gone through and re-worded almost every single notebook which I think has improved the information and direction you get from them.

New Area: SCP-087 (Staircase)

This is my version of SCP-087 (Staircase) that I think fits nicely in the first area along side the Phasmophobia truck and Slenderman area. I suggest walking (not running) down the staircase to get the full experience of the subtle sound effects that happen around you during your decent. This can be found in the first area at the far end of the hallway next to the cafeteria entrance.

Updated ground textures:

After the fantastic Mars ground texture replacement from the previous month, I decided to look into replacing more ground textures to make things feel a bit varied and more normal looking and I think it worked out really well, especially in the first area. No longer does every room have the same wooden floor. The recovery room, bathroom, office, cafeteria all look a lot better from this update.

Updated tunnel section:

I have always felt the tunnel section near the end was a little empty feeling, so I spent some time adding more pipes, crates, barrels and other items around. I think this has helped remove that empty feeling a bit. More work will be done throughout the tunnels in the future to continue filling everything out.

Another update that I am happy to announce is the ability to finally backtrack through the “Memory Puzzle” near the end of the tunnels. This is also where I fully removed teleporter particles for a hopeful small optimization for people with older PCs.

Other small updates:

  • The waste pits were always a bit touchy when ever you would crouch in specific spots on top of some rocks and it could teleport you unfairly. I have touched this area up and it feels much better now, you should be able to hop onto all the rocks and crouching should no longer trigger the teleport on you.

  • All easy paths throughout the map have been adjusted to be a tiny bit easier, you might not even notice much of a visual change but for those who were struggling with some of the easy path jumps hopefully they should be a bit easier now for you and just as rewarding to finish.

  • Several other fixes/additions/improvements throughout the map!

I also wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been thumbing up my map in the workshop. I am glad everyone is enjoying the map and having fun! I really hope you enjoy the updates from August.


September Update:

Not a lot of work was put into the map as I took a break from working on it for a few weeks. However with the most recent Tower Unite update I had to go through the map and re-adjust a lot of lighting due to unattractive shadows being cast. I also fixed a few workshop items that went missing from the workshop which had to be replaced.

The new update has allowed me to adjust several texture scales on surfaces making them look much nicer (most noticeable in the Lava and Waste pits). I also increased the volume across the entire map as I am realizing not everyone will be playing at full volume, those now with volume not at max should hear more subtle sound effects scattered throughout the map. Can’t forget to mention the usual many small changes and adjustments across the entire map.

Last but not least I have made some adjustments to the monolith in the mars section and have added the room from 2001 Space Odyssey after you enter the monolith. It does not look exactly like the movie but is close enough for now and I will probably touch it up more overtime (Edit: I have updated it a tad to look a little better).

I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


October/November Update:

I took a break for most of October and November but still hopped on from time to time and made several small adjustments/additions/fixes. Again with a recent large patch I have went through the map and fixed several of the broken Ghoul Coin smoke effects and readjusted all flickering lights to be way less hurtful on the eyes.

Thanks to all who continue to thumb up my map in the workshop, it’s awesome to see that number go up and it’s getting closer to my goal of 100 thumbs up! :slight_smile: