Edit User Above's Quote! (Real Fun)

Simple game, just edit the quote of the person above you.

For example:

Me: I made this thread.

User Below: [quote=“IrZipher, post:1, topic:1951”]
I STOLE this thread!

User Below: I like cheese

So let’s start!

I love grapes.

Totally bait,


I do that myself!,

I’am SO thirsty right now!

Do you see him?
I can’t, it’s too foggy.

Tomorrow is the day,
I will get up before 1PM!

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Nice post idea btw @IrZipher :wink:

It aint easy being a unicorn.


I must say that Project Cars is a really good game.

I honestly think i waste my life playing games…

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I really like Splatoon, Nintendo really hit the mark with this one.

These forum games are quite fun and diverse!

Awww, thanks :smiley:

Someone should give me money

I wonder how my post will be edited.

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Candy is really good. I love it so much!

I donated 30$ on the indiegogo. Curious to see what happens to my quote

I like wrapping myself in a blanket so i can be a burrito.

I can’t wait for Tower Unite, Most hyped i been in years.

Just started up pokemon. I named my character “Cake” and am currently naming every pokemon after cake ingredients. I have Vanilla (Squirtle), Sugar (Rattata), Flour (Spearow), and Icing (Jigglypuff).

Never realized that Pokemon was such a grindy game. I’m sitting here on day 2 just to get all my pokemon to a decent level, around 15-17

I’ve just upgraded to Windows 10, and I’m not sure if I like it yet.


I am so cool its not even funny. Just look at my SWAG

For some reason i cant stop eating apples when i get scared.

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