Edit User Above's Quote! (Real Fun)


I’m really puzzled. Only h3h3 fans will get this


I wish I had a bigger desk


Why are there so many cookies? I simply can’t eat them all.


I’m fun at parties.


What is that smell? It’s just so bad!


I love to cover myself in Vaseline and pretend I’m a slug.


Old Spice Body Wash.


Welcome to the jungle. There is pie.


My room kinda feels like heaven.


I like to cover myself in marinara sauce and pretend I’m a meatball.


My favorite game to use the oculus rift with is Mirror’s edge.


You’re a kid, but also in fact a squid.


I suffer from something called diplopia. It’s basically the medical term for a lazy eye, but it just means that I don’t know how far away stuff is. Also 3D doesn’t work.


sauce plz?


Mm Seananners. Yeah? Yeah! Gotta love watching his videos


o boy


Well crap, I forgot to eat breakfast.


I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!


Captain Crunch hurts my mouth and makes me sad, but I eat it anyways. To prove how awesome and manly I am.


I want to learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).


how do you quote? please tell me