Donation System

I hope this goes in this section.

Whether or not someone would be rewarded for donating; this game has already given me quite a bit of enjoyment, and I would like the opportunity to donate. I used to play a game called “There” that went under because it couldn’t afford the load on it’s servers and I would hate to see this game suffer the same potential fate. Especially because this game is admirably opposed to micro-transactions.

I was just wondering if there would ever be a donation system so that I, and other people, could donate and contribute to this amazingly fun game.

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There won’t be donation system, it has been confirmed by devs

If you want to throw more money at Pixeltail, simply buy more copies of the game to ship to your friends!

Or make multi steam accounts on those you will buy TU

Consider purchasing the soundtrack :slight_smile:


This, its actually pretty good.

This will never happen because the devs of PixelTail Games have clearly said this,
“Tower Unite has ABSOLUTELY… No Microtransactions. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS No Premium Currency.”
Subscriptions is basically donating.

Subscriptions is basically donating.

I don’t wholly agree with this. My intention is to want to give money to the game to assure it stays in business. This does not mean I require anything in return. Subscriptions may be equivalent to donating, but donating is far from a subscription.

I see nothing wrong with a not intrusive donation option for people who simply want to contribute to a lovely game.

If people are allowed to directly donate to the developers, someone’s going to start complaining that they can’t get backer/GMT donor exclusives or even new exclusives from doing so. The best we can do right now is buy extra copies of the game (buy the soundtrack too if you want to support the composer) and either give them away to people, or just trash the extra copies. Therefore people who “donate” in this manner can’t claim that they deserve these things, as they already received something in return.

As far as I’m willing to look at the matter, buying copies of the game does more for the game’s survival than just giving money; it provides money and makes the game more known. That’s the real way to keep the project alive.


Ok they have made enough money to keep the game alive because of the Indie-Go-Go. (they made $73,000+)
If you dont agree with me its okay :slight_smile:

I have bought over 10 copeis of the game. I’m currently still in possession of four copies, patiently waiting to gift them away. I probably will buy more to keep supporting the game in both player base, and money.

Don’t you have other things so to spend money?