Do you even SPECS Bro?

Take a screenshot of your specs. And post it here :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to look at your specs download “Speccy”

(My work PC)

Looks like it can’t accurately detect whether CrossFire is on/off.

'Tis not but, but it’s mine <3

From Conky:

From Steam:


I used to have 4GB of RAM until last week.
When I would look up how well GTA V would run on my computer, would just flip me the finger.

Now it’s still flipping me the finger.

And I don’t even notice any improvement in performance in-game. I have got to live with this atrocity of a processor (to me, that is) until I build a brand new computer.

You REALLY need to look into a better CPU cooler. GPU’s can handle 85C, but you never want your CPU that high. Your going to end up burning the thing out.

My laptop… will post pc later :grin:

3 screens? 2x1TB hard drives? Jeez. A bit too op I think. GPU almost certainly gives 60fps+ on most games at high. It might be overclocked but I don’t know. I bought it of an ICT employee from my dads company and it performs better that what it’s supposed to handle.

As you can see, I don’t have a life. I don’t go out nor do I have many friends in real life. SOOO my workplace / office is filled with all the cool stuff you could get as being a nerd, geek, channer, pirate, otaku, kuudere, I dunno:

(Pic looks a bit wonky because taking panoramas in small areas is hard. Sowey)


Gonna finally get a 1080p monitor soon though.

this is bae :heart_eyes:

I’m right there with ya brotha.

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My home PC

omg… I literally just unistalled speccy…

I wonder if there’s a bottleneck in it, even if it’s only slight…

(Just for memorial purposes: This was my 555th post, hihihi.)

Nice set up (We have almost the same everything O_O)

Dam dude. How much did that all cost?

This is my set up btw