Dissapearing catsacks from inventory

Hey there. So I made the bold decision to spend my 315,000 or so units on silver catsacks because I had nothing to spend them on. So I went and bought a few. I noticed when opening them that some of them didn’t open. I put the ones that didn’t open when I used my use key on them back in my inventory but as soon as I put the last one in they all disappeared???
Now pardon my language, but as you can probably guess, I’m quite pissed. I spent ALL my units on them just to get a few cool crabs and to have the rest just poof from my inventory??? I’ve reloaded the game and checked my Steam Inventory and they still aren’t back. I apologies if this is the incorrect place to put this but I am very annoyed and I honestly just want my catsacks or units back. Thanks for listening.

PS: My Steam name is Inkwell and my profile link is https://steamcommunity.com/id/inkwellrussianblue/

Hello, so I looked into your account and saw 17 granted silver catsacks at 2018/06/29 18:01:54, 10 at 2018/06/29 17:52:23, , and 10 at 2018/06/29 17:34:39. It seems like you opened all of them successfully too. I’d try refreshing your inventory.

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