Discourse Formatting Sheet

Things in this bar are not presented. Also, feel free to add anything that I missed, once I figure out how to make this a wiki or whatever.

Update as of 7/22/17: Don’t know when this happened, but the ability to create polls or spoilers of both types is now in the formatting bar, by clicking the cog icon. No fancy formatting needed. Plus, you have :cool: and :new: options with the polls, so that’s pretty good.


  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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[poll name=PollName]
- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option whatever

•Spoiler Tags

[spoiler]Blur Spoiler[/spoiler] [details=Collapsing Spoiler (click me)]Example text[/details]

Blur Spoiler:
[­spoiler]Spoiler text[/spoiler]

Collapsing Spoiler:
[­details=Spoiler title]Spoiler text[/details]
It doesn’t feel like working sometimes when typed manually, especially with multi-line spoilers, so using the cog icon is your best bet.

•Alt Text

Example Text
<abbr title="Alt Text">Main Text</abbr>





•Headings (since you can only add size 2 Headings by default)

[details=Heading sizes (in a spoiler since they take too much space)]#Heading ##Heading ###Heading ####Heading #####Heading ######Heading[/details] #Heading - ######Heading or




Superscript Subscript

•Un-embedding URLs



•Image Width/Height





Width=1000px, Height=50px:


<img src=http://example.com/example.png width=# height=#>
You can leave out the width and only put in the desired height, or vice versa; it’ll automatically scale to the image’s aspect ratio.

•Key Icons

EXAMPLE ­ ­ ­ ­ Keys
<kbd>Key Letter(s)</kbd>

more like sample text 420 MLG


Interesting poll results

I mean, that first option has a good point

Honestly, I think Option 3 makes the most sense, voted for that one. Although I have to admit, Option 1 does indeed come up with a good point. Infact, it makes so much sense that I was torn between Option 1 and Option 3. Option 2 however, does not really satisfy me, as it does a couple of things wrong which the other options don’t. The other two options however, are almost perfect, and it was extremely difficult for me to determine which option had the extra inch.
Option 1 is aiming to promote alternatives and liberalism, something which is not necessarily a bad thing, as that can bring innovation and advancement to this world. Many people could pull alot of advantages from Option 1, and would fully support it. Option 3 on the other hand, goes more towards a social and equal orientation. Going this way is good to reduce unnecessary feeling of superiority/inferiority which can cause damage to society in the worst case. However, it is also conservative, which can cause holdbacks that might prevent society from advancing and becoming smarter and friendlier to the world.

All in all however, I felt like Option 3 is the better choice. It promotes equality and peace across the whole world if the support is high enough, and the holdback can be bypassed and ignored if the people are willing to do so, which is not forbidden to be done in a society like this.


+1 for effort

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There a tag to not have formatting enabled?



or indenting the line by four spaces should make it plain text.


I use <noparse> and </noparse>

Wait, that works too?
I tried it out, and the preview didn’t show it working.


  • no succ
  • succ is dead

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I vote yes succ

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