Strike trough text


Hello Everyone,

Silly question, I can’t figure out how to get strike trough text on this forum, could any one of you explain me?

Thanks in advance.


<strike>text</strike> makes text.

Anything formatting related is mostly available on this thread.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Another question, is there any way to create a “spoiler” section, basically a section where I can put text in that’s automatically hidden and can be shown by pressing a button?



Use [spoiler] then your text, then [/spoiler"] without the quote.


I see, it’s faded text, which is completely invisible in microsoft Edge unless selected. In chrome it shows the text faded, doesn’t really stand out though, that’s a bit of a shame.

Thing is, I want to clearly distinct a long bit of text from another, preferebly have it hidden because it isn’t all that important to avoid making it a really long post.

EDIT: I also just noticed that a really long text in a spoiler makes the page really slow/laggy in Google Chrome.


Yet another question, any options for centering text?


[code][­details=Spoiler title (click this)] Spoiler text [/details][code]

makes this:

[­details=Spoiler title (click this)] Spoiler text [/details]

which might be what you’re looking for.

Centering isn’t possible, I’m afraid.

Edit: my phone’s not showing it properly, so if it’s not working there’s a proper example here: Discourse Formatting Sheet