Direct MIDI input for instruments?

Pretty hyped for Tower Unite!
I’m not sure if this is already part of the game or not, but one of my favorite things to do in GMTower is playing around on the playable piano.
I’d always hook up my midi controller and use someone’s script I found on the tower forums, that translates MIDI signals into keyboard strokes. It was a pretty big hassle to set up each time, it wouldn’t work so well at times, and not to mention the Gmod piano is limited to only 61 keys.
So why not make direct midi device input available for the TU piano, or other instruments?
Connecting my piano, and putting on a show for strangers across the world would be just …awesome!


I’m all for it, I have a MIDI mixtrack pro and would love to DJ for strangers across the world as well.

This is very possible with the new modules, I believe we already had plans to look into it at some point.

Tower Unite will have MIDI support for the piano. It’s something we’ll be actively developing while working on the new piano.


Will the new piano have 88 keys for midi keyboards?

Sadly, I don’t have an 88 key midi keyboard, but @Zak does and we’ll support the full range.

Amazing :smiley:

61-key synthesizer actually, but extending the key range is no big deal :smiley:

Well I mean since we can create our own sheet music and midis when it doesnt have enough keys it just puts [?wts]

but sir, you see

when you have a MIDI piano sitting in front of you, they keys are not labeled.
The current GMT piano only has so many keys because you’re supposed to use your QWERTY keyboard with it.

when you have an actual MIDI piano in front of you, you’re reading off a staff.

you can just look where the gmt piano start on what note and if your using a midi piano im just going to imagine your playing music that you found yourself not that GMT makes

But if you’re using music made by Little Cute Lion’s midi sheet converter, you’re using your keyboard to play.

Are you talking about reading the keystrokes [tuo] to play on a MIDI controller?

Like you can use some programs for that and it would press piano keys and it would translate to keys on the keyboard

Midi support means that you don’t need that program. The game is smart enough to know what you’re doing and play the piano notes like normal :wink:

What happened to this? I tried with my MIDI keyboard and it didn’t work.

It isn’t implemented yet, it’s something we’re planning on adding in the future.

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Okay, thanks for the reply.

still looking forward to this

This is a good bump. Still looking forward to this too.


This is great! This would work really well with my idea to being able to do live events in the nightclub!
I really can’t wait to be able to hear people play music in the game easily whether its at the condo or in the servers.

Here is my forum post by the way just so you know what i am talking about!


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