Different Credit Currency Amounts on Different Menus

This is somewhat of a weird bug, but I have differing currency amounts on different menus with my credits. Usually only a few thousand credits difference.

On my main menu for example I’ll have around 180,000, but when I go into the Plaza I’ll have around 174,000.

Not sure what’s causing this, it might be from the other bug that makes spending delayed and gives the “Error Connection Lost” when it comes to currency and buying items.

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Is this something that needs fixing right away or is it just a slight inconvience? If so, I will move it into support.

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How many tokens do you have? If I remember correctly, when you buy arcade tokens the Units aren’t taken from your account, they’re just reserved for use in the arcade. So when you’re in the Plaza it will subtract the value of your tokens from the Unit counter, but in the menu it will not.


Even when I drain my coins in the Arcade the totals don’t match up. It’s just a slight inconvenience, it’s not really affecting anything. The more annoying bug is the “ERROR< OFFLINE” credits bug that I’ve made a thread about before.

I will move you to support as it may be on your end

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Alright cool.

There’s three main errors I’m having with credits at this point.

  • It says “ERROR OFFLINE” and fails transactions randomly, will sometimes delay them and take away the money later.
  • Credit currency totals don’t match up on some menus
  • Achievements sometimes won’t give proper cash payout, or give double cash payout only to then revoke that double payment with a single payment later.

It’s a very weird cluster of bugs.

I’m not a developer but they sound connected