Did they increase fishing xp by 1.5x or 2x?

I’m just wondering if they heard our feedback or not, haven’t played the update yet. My guess is they stuck with 1.5x and ignored the criticism that 1.5x isn’t adequate.

It was increased 1.5x - 500 exp for very hard became 750


Right so they ignored the criticism, thank you for the answer.

Have you considered the possibility that they disagreed with you? Your opinion is an opinion, not just a fact that can be obeyed or ignored.


To ignore is to disregard. Their mind was made up, the criticism one way or another was not acknowledged or addressed in any known way, and the xp gain was buffed by their originally intended amount. If they read the criticisms and just chose not to say anything, then I wouldn’t know, but that would come across as ignoring.

As far as I can tell Pixeltail is pretty good at responding to feedback whether they agree or disagree with said feedback, which makes it more likely that the feedback was ignored and disregarded. Which it was.

We didn’t want to bump the XP that high. The feedback wasn’t ignored, as you know I replied and read it all.


I didn’t know that, I didn’t see a reply from you.

EDIT: I have the thread here and I still didn’t see anything, maybe that’s on my end? How much was the fishing xp gain increased by in

Well, know that I personally read every post on the forum and we talk about these things daily. Even small criticisms of the game help us decide.


So is 1.5x set in stone or would you be open to adjusting it if the majority of feedback is “the buff is not enough”? From the rough calculations and comparisons noted in that thread it seems like there’s certainly an argument for why it might be too slow, and that there tends to be a pretty big inconsistency in xp gain between various game modes.

Oh right sorry, someone posted what I said the values were and for some reason I swear I replied to that post.

I’d say that it’s something we can keep talking about and return to again. EXP values are a tricky thing to get right. We don’t want to put it too high and then have to take it down because that would be worse than slowly increasing it till it feels right.


Agreed. My overarching thought is this; Some games feel like they have pretty quick progression whilst others feel like a slog. Zombie Massacre comes to mind as a really good example of something that fits my definition of what the progression rate should be, a game where if you just want to dedicate your evening to playing that one mode, you can knock out a few milestones.

Fishing on the other hand, especially before the hotfix felt exceedingly slow. Some people claimed they spent 12 hours straight fishing and were just about touching one milestone. If that’s to be believed then shaving 3 hours off that time is significant, but still results in a milestone that can take nine hours straight to fulfill, which seems far too slow to me. At that point it’s sluggish and the goals feel like you have to burn yourself out over them if you want to attain them in the shorter term.

So my question is this; What is the ideal balanced point for Pixeltail? Are all milestones meant to be sluggish enough to encourage burnout and macroing? Are they meant to be attainable reasonably quickly? (I remember discussion around a prestige system that seemed to indicate this at one point)
Or is the aim somewhere in between? Because the xp rates being all over the place between game modes makes it really hard to tell what the aim is.

keep in mind that as it is with the previous exp people have already got all the milestones, which is pretty fast,
with 1.5 x you are basically getting exp for 3 fish when you get 2, that adds up quick when you catch lets say 100, instead of 100 worth of fish exp you are getting 150, 200 fish is 300 fish worth of exp, i say that already a good deal. i feel 2x is too quick to get exp.

milestones are not meant to be something you get all in one go, they are not something to aim for and more so a reward for playing that thing, if you go out and easily get all the milestones you wont have anything left to do other than plain old playing and achieves.
you seem to think milestones are the main thing you ultimately aim for, rather than just a reward for playing which personally isn’t how i think they were made for.
same with ranks, normally you would expect someone with a high rank in a game to be good, but if you just grind it out repeating the same thing quickly then high ranks people will just be average which doesn’t feel right imo.

well at least that is how i view the fishing exp and the milestone and ranks.


If someone has the time to spend all day every day since to get the fishing milestones that’s not fast to me. That just means they’ve accumulated a long period of hours fishing in a shorter than average duration, which I don’t think reflects on the progression of someone who just fishes for 1-2 hours a day. You’re talking about people who are likely fishing in the most efficient way possible for really long periods over consecutive days.

Here’s the thing though, if someone wants to do that and already has a boat and that enhances their experience, that has zero effect on me. What does have an effect on me is whether I think the milestones can be knocked out in a time period that feels reasonable to me and my circumstances and my time spent on average.

what i mean is that if someone can grind for a few days straight and get a lot of the milestones that quick then it means it will be fairly easy in the long term for normal playing, a lot of people on tower unite prefer getting the milestones naturally overtime rather than directly working towards them and if you got exp in large amounts then it wont cover the long term grind they want.

i dont mean them people, i mean people who rather it take playing on and off over months to get the milestones, since they rather spend a long time on TU so they have goals to work towards over a long time rather than being able to get everything quickly and have nothing left to work towards.

from this i can tell that you personally would prefer a pace that would be better for you, but a large majority of TU players prefers to get the milestones slowly over time, thats why exp gain is rather slow since it is more for the masses of players rather than the minority, it would be better have it to meet most of the player base.

i know that it isn’t fair to you that it will take you longer than you want to get the milestones, but its also unfair to make it quicker on a larger majority of people who want it to be slower. its a struggle to find a good balance since no one will agree on the exp gain since not everyone can be happy on one set amount.

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You don’t know that a majority of people hold the same mind set, you are only assuming it. Even if they say they agree with you, you don’t know what their exact idea of a “long time” is. A “long time” is subjective.

Even with increases to the xp gain (in this case a multiplier of 2x as opposed to 1.5x) you can still do that. But if you’re investing a ton of your time day after day to get things quickly as possible that implies that you’re trying to obtain the milestones quicker, and for those people, obtaining them at a reasonable pace as opposed to grinding for 12 hours to get a lighthouse should also be possible.

If you drag out the progression speed too much then the milestones become so distant that they either no longer feel like incentives, or people start burning out as they try to get through an experience as fast as they can to attain the things they actually want, which then also encourages the use of macros and other means to mitigate the time spent repeating the same activity over and over. The system should be complimentary to the games, an added incentive. Grinding 12 hours for a light house is simply too much.

Also if you want to attain things over a longer period of time, why not add more milestones and other incentives as opposed to just taking the 9-10 milestones that exist and dragging them out to an absurd extent? Eventually you are going to reach that content and that “long time” you refer to will pass. Eventually you will attain and consume that content, why burn other people out in the process of trying to achieve that, by defending excessive grinds?

I’d like to also mention that GameWorld Catsacks will be obtained every 25k xp once the Upgrades Store comes out, so you’d be rewarded between each milestone as well

can’t wait to log on to TU one day and see “a shit ton of gameworld catsacks have been added to your inventory”
Just imagining people with over 5m Gameworld XP.


first, i play TU a tad bit and talk to people so i have seen that a majority of the main TU players rather it be long term, if it was an a assumption i would have stated so (since i dont like to push my opinion as fact, although i will state my opinion saying its an opinion when i want to)

the main problem is that you said you want it to be like ZM exp gain, i played ZM for a couple of week on and off (that means me playing at a normal pace) and got all the milestones, that is too quick, to get them imo and im guessing the majority of TU main players too would agree.

you keep saying that milestones are an incentive to play the games, but i said they are just rewards for playing them and show that you play that game world a lot, the main incentive in TU is to gain units in the games to buy stuff, then you would naturally get the milestones along with the units as an extra reward and if you got all the units you want, you will still have a few more milestones to get, at least that is what i have seen and heard in the past, you can work towards milestones if you want, but that isn’t the main purpose. i think because you probably already gained a lot of units in the past before the achievement update, the milestones became the only thing for you to work towards.

you are treating milestones as the only goal to work towards and saying that you only play to get them, rather than playing normally to have fun or get units to buy stuff. and cause you are meant to get milestones naturally while playing over a long time, other people wont see it as an issue.
if you ignore that the milestones are there and play naturally you will still get them overtime, and be less burnt out working towards them.


the last thing i will say is,
Dont work directly towards the milestones as the main goal
Play to have fun rather than playing to get a reward, that is what will burn you out
I need to go now, no bad blood between us and good discussion

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