How much was the fishing xp gain increased by in

In my mind, an ideal xp rate would be a dedicated session spent fishing in TU should at least net one milestone tier, (100,000 xp) so that reward tiers feel like they can be attained at a reasonable pace. (unlike Virus.)

Will this be possible in

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I think getting xp per fish is better

Honestly I don’t even think fishing needs to be fixed at all. Sure, it would take a really long time, but you’re also getting plaza xp at the same time while you’re fishing. Plus fishing is known for patience. it’s not a rushing game. and, let’s say they now give 1k per fish, I feel like that would be a bit high, especially since you’d only need to catch 100 fish for a milestone at that point. You’d practically be done in a day or two.

But that’s just my personal opinion on the subject, but whatever.

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I get that EXP is supposed to be a thing you earn over time, but fishing just feels insanely slow to me. I only have 60k fishing exp and I’ve been fishing for about 12 hours.


Exactly, that’s absurd considering that’s not even one milestone. So if you want a chance in the shorter term to even get the later stuff you’ve just got to spend what, every hour of the waking day for the next month doing nothing but fishing on Tower Unite? It does need fixing. It’s not like you’re even making good money in that time to compensate, everything about it is just slow.

Mac has confirmed the rates for EXP in Global Chat today:

Per fish catch difficulty.


Oh damn, so it’s not even double? It’s still going to feel slow as shit then I imagine.

EDIT: Put it this way, let’s say you got nothing but the most difficult fish consecutively, that’s still 133 fish for a single milestone. Since difficulty is RNG it’s probably going to be less than that most of the time, so let’s say the xp gain on average is at the 400 mark, that’s 250 fish just for one tier. Remembering that all the trash you get and all the fish you get have a minimal unit value, that’s a shit ton of time to spend just to grind one tier out.


Considering you get around 1500/2100 XP from a single round of Laser-tag, I’m certainly on the side where XP needs to be buffed a lot. I can certainly see how grindy Fishing can be, and it really needs to be resolved. My suggestions are around:
500, 700, 900, 1200.
It’s more than double but it’s not absurdly high, and it’d only take around 80-110 fish per milestone. Fishing is the only Plaza activity (other than Plaza itself) that goes up to 1,000,000 for milestones, so it really does need a buff. At the current XP rate, i can easily see myself spending 24 hours straight only to get to the second milestone.

EDIT: Also, a multiplier depending on how much stress the line was on when you caught the fish would be good too. Eg. 50%+ = 1x, 25%-50% = 1.2x, 10%-25% = 1.3x, 0%-10% = 1.4x


I’m not sure if the XP increase is enough, but Laser Tag is a pretty bad example imo. The game is rarely played and the EXP is very mediocre if you lose, but probably the highest EXP rate of any game if you win. I’d compare it more to Minigolf, where you get rewarded for doing good (eg. consistently fish very hards) and not completely screwed over if you’re not as good (pars/+1s are still fairly decent, comparable to easy/medium fish)

My optimal solution would be to make the hard/very hard catches more rewarding, as doing a very hard wireframe is probably more than twice as hard as a medium but it doesn’t stop me from getting newspapers half the time. Which the current numbers Mac said (300/400/500/750) is a step in the right direction, Very Hard being 50% more xp than Hard is good imo. Hard being only 25% more than Medium is something I agree with less, but that’s fine. Are the numbers still too low overall? Maybe. But I’d prefer the method of gradually increasing EXP until they find a good number much more than a huge increase just to tone it down.

A stress multiplier is a neat idea that would reward better players with more consistently more EXP, which I think is a good thing and I’m all for it personally.

quick edit: I think my ideal numbers would involve the same 50% increase from hard -> very hard, though. I really like that, as VH is a fair bit harder than hard and deserves that big reward. If the current numbers coming in the next update aren’t enough, I think something like 300/400/650/1000 would keep the EXP rates slow but more bearable.


Honestly I would say that even 2x would be pretty good. I think anything above that might be too high, but less than 2x would probably be too slow still.

I’ve been fishing a LOT since the update came out and when I got halfway to the throwable shrimp I felt like I really should’ve been there by now, so that’s kinda what I’m basing it on internally.

The thing is that the community expects things to be handed to them.
Sure it’s going to take a while but that’s the point, isn’t it? to have a good amount
of progression, so that players have goals to do inside the game?
it’s not something that’s supposed to be earned in a day, yet everyone thinks it is for
some stupid reason…

While you play, you earn plaza xp, so you’re literally killing 2 birds with one stone right there. Catching just 100 fish for a single level up would be insanely stupid, and a very low amount.

Simply doubling Fishing EXP rates is definitely not handing it out to people, and it would still take a very good amount of time to max out.


By what metric is that low? Do you realize how long that takes, especially if people aren’t just trying to go as fast as humanly possible whilst actually enjoying the feature? So because it’s less slow that automatically equates to “handing it to people” and the increase being too fast? It’s paraplegic at the 800m sprint slow right now, it’s in a really shitty place. Why shouldn’t a single milestone be earned in a normal days play session?

Why should the grind be dragged out to the point that it encourages people to ignore the fish and grind as fast as they can to pump through tiers that are otherwise so slow that they no longer feel like progression, but really tedious work? Even if you double it from the current level, it would still be slow, slower in fact than a number of the game worlds.

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Because you’re only looking at fishing for milestone items, for the people who genuinely enjoy fishing they have other goals in mind like getting one of everything in the fishing book, trying for a certain rare item/fish, and/or just want to relax with it.

Much like real fishing you need to be patient. The updated xp rates are fine imo.

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Okay, so doubling the XP rate doesn’t change that at all. Still requires patience, doesn’t harm the experience for those going at their own pace. If anything, because you no longer have to be as efficient as possible to get the milestones at a semi-reasonable pace, it will help remove the impetus for people to go as fast as possible and burn out.

many games need XP buff not only fishing