Dicord Double Tableflip Authentication makes it impossible for me to chat

Yes, I have a phone. The authentication on the server makes me put in a phone. I put in my phone number, WHICH SUPPORTS SMS, and every time it says its invalid. I tried it on multiple devices and in every # format I could think of. I tried three different numbers and every time it says it was invalid.
I’ve googled the issue and there’s nothing about it. It’s very annoying. I know the devs aren’t discord but is double tableflip authentication THAT needed? I’ve never seen any chat bots on Discord.

We had a series of bot attacks, so, unfortunately, it is needed.


Are you sure the number is formatted correctly? Remember to enter the correct area code (for example, 44 if you’re in the UK) and drop the 0 on the beginning of your number.

I got a friend’s number in the EXACT format I tried every time and it worked fine, so I don’t know if it’s just a block on my area code, but I’m glad I got it working.