Detach Flashlights from Weapons

While flashlights being connected to gun makes sense in games like Left 4 Dead, it does not make sense whatsoever to have them on melee weapons. Tower Unite gets around this by having it centered on the weapon while ignoring its direction. But that then raises the issue of the flashlight having different positions on every item, in a game where you can hold 8 wildly different items at once.

The default, unarmed flashlight position is centered to your screen… making it easily the best. The Unarmed flashlight position should simply be the only position.

The Tests

I was standing about 2 ft away from the wall for these tests.

Unarmed (also any Item you don’t hold, such as Pets)

Fishing Rod (Metal Detector is equally as extreme)

Bowling Ball

9mm Handgun

ps: if Flashlights were being touched up, I wouldn’t mind wearable flashlight modifiers. I’ll detail this in a later post.

Flashlights are attached to weapons for a very good reason - they will collide with the weapon. Weapons aren’t drawn on a separate layer like in older game engines, they are rendered in the world with everything else. By attaching the flashlight to the gun, it keeps it from clipping with the gun, basically.

What needs to happen for some weapons we can easily ignore this and have it use the default offset and it should be fine. The fishing rod just needs to use the default offset. Currently the fishing rod offset is right on the hook.

You can see the changes here on this developer log:

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Is whatever the system that was in this old dev log still being looked into/planned? Would this in anyway help with the flashlight issue?

I think the lights could be moved to the side and back from the front of the weapon, this would obviously be a weapon-by-weapon fix but it would certainly help.

The Towerglove is where this is best visualised.

Unfortunately not really, that’s just a shader effect. The model is still physically in the same location, it just doesn’t appear that way. So the flashlight would still get clipped.

One of the main reasons we haven’t finished the FOV stuff yet is because we have to manually go through each weapon and set it up, and fix the fire offsets. We have been too busy with other tasks at the moment.