Destructible Mesh

it will be very cool if you add destructible mesh in the kart game world. if some one of you dont know what i am talking about watch this vid

I’m sure the dev’s will find creative ways to use said destructible meshes, if they haven’t already. I remember it being very easy to implement.

yep it is it took me not even 1 minute to do it

Depends on how much it would impact performance.
Gotta remember that these game worlds will have a lot of stuff going on in them already.

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It would also impact driving skill, as demonstrated in the video. Nothing says racing like slowly driving over pieces of rubble.

I was just about to say both of these things. Even though this probably won’t effect me, I’m sure a lot of other people (who have low-end systems) would be pretty pissed to have an even lower frame rate than 20fps. Also, I’d only like to see destructible mesh if it didn’t impact the enjoyment of racing. I don’t want a slow, shitty and slippery cart just because the devs wanted a wall to shatter.

maybe some rocks outside the road with desctructible mesh

I’d assume if the devs included this, the gibs wouldn’t have collisions (obviously) and it could fade out after a while, like model gibs in Source, to help with performance. I’d think they would use it for shortcuts (shoot rocket at wall, wall explodes), because I can’t really see why anyone would run into a wall otherwise.

That makes more sense. I would like to see it then if that is what they are going to do. But I feel that driving into the wall should be enough to gib it.