Destruction Gamemode

I looked at this post and thought maybe a gamemode like from Red Faction: Guerilla, where you destroy stuff to win, thats practically it.

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This could work if the devs work with the possible performance issues this could have.
I’m not familiar with the way UE4’s destructable meshes work, so I don’t even know if they cost that much in terms of performance.

Maybe a sort of fort war game world would work, where you try to destroy enemy bases/castles with various weapons/explosives. Kill other players to earn stronger weapons and speed up the destruction process!
Sounds like fun now that I think about it.

That would be Geomod 2.0 (What RF:G ran on) . I’m not sure something like that could be done in Unreal 4…
Still though, it’s an interesting idea. :heart:

Sounds like a ton of fun, AND im pretty sure its very possible with unreal 4 engine

Fully destructible environments are absolutely possible in UE4 and I would love to see this.

Aw man I miss Wrecking Crew. I’d love if there was a game mode like it. Though I doubt UE4 will make it behave as nice as Geo-Mod 2 handled building physics. I’d also be very happy if they modeled a sledgehammer after one of the ones from RFG

Well, then watch this and be amazed.


Man I love that soundtrack. Shot it’s way to my favorite on release.

On topic, it just doesn’t give me the same feeling as strategically placing demolition charges on a smoke stack so it falls over and blocks a road to stop a convoy, of which I then blow the bridge they are stuck under, crushing them.

Wrecking Crew is more than just what I call primary destruction (breaking things yourself) its also about Secondary destruction (Things you broke breaking more stuff, making strategic thinking very important to win)

Okay, now I really hope we get a destruction-like gamemode after seeing that. :smile:

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Well, to be fair, that’s made by one guy and it’s an early prototype of a project he’s working on. They are probably better examples but that just happened to be the first result.