Describe Gmod Tower moments with a gif


In Minigolf, when I made my shot for par and my ball stops 2 millimeters infront of the hole:

As soon as I am the chimera in UCH:


When you play Chimera Hunt and it picks the Falloff map


When i’m playing Virus and the only infected leaves the game.
Then the next infected does it.
And then the next infected.


That small gif though


When one of your “Camping Group” is the first infected:


When the server suddenly had a connection problem
OR: When i run out of ideas


7 Months Later

u did it


May as well continue now.

When you find out your GMT Minigolf skills work in Tower Unite


Desperate moments at Texas Hold’em

And also bankrupting people at poker, of course! (:


When the chainsaw event apeared.

Drinking just enough to not die.


When everyone wanted my 30 cases of beer

When surrounded by missing model errors

Introducing GMTower to a friend a week before it closes

Discovering the rooms on the top of Lobby 1, as well as finding out how to get to the moon

Finally, the damn chainsaw event…


Sitting down in a chainsaw fight area

When a talkative minigolf group sees a HiO


Looking at the Trello updates labeled “June 2016” when it’s currently July 2016


That’s not a GMTower moment.


When everyone except you gets a Hole in One:

When you literally run inside people in Virus and don’t infect them:

When you host a party and your 2 beer kegs are gone in less than 2 minutes:

When UCH won’t let you press the Chimera’s button and you die:


where’s the image for this? It’s just white.

#59 .gif


People changing the jukebox radio in casino be like:

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never expected to see this thread revived… maybe I’ll make a Gif thread for TU


When Gmod tower shut down.