Describe Gmod Tower moments with a gif

When you immediately die as chimera

When someone right next to you becomes infected

When an admin comes online


When I saw Robs sexy body on a youtube video

Spamming leftclick to get the press on the chimera first

When someone plays your jam over the mic

When people argue with each other when I just want to enjoy a minigame

Typing ‘+right’ in console while playing poker

When your song plays in the nightclub

Finding someone else’s grenade in PVP Battle

When you die as last survivor with only seconds left!

When you hear Rob near by.


Every time on spin-to-win:

Every time I play Fall Off and I fall while trying to dodge the Chimera. Every time…:

When i see Clips posting while randomly looking trough the forums

When I saw this reply

I love all of these gifs

Dancing behind people while they’re on the video poker machines

When someone says something stupid but you don’t want to argue about it:

When someone accuses you of hacking… in minigolf.
OR when someone mutes me for playing one sound from my Chocobo soundboard:

Getting a Hole in One via trickshot

Having friends in my condo and playing the Dog of Wisdom remixes:

When people say Tower Unite is pointless and just exists so the devs can make money
OR: When I run out of pony gifs


Who says that?

Also, that little rat fella is adorbs.

I’ve seen at least 4 or 5 people say that within GMT, actually.

Also, that “little rat fella” is a Dedenne. I think it’s someone’s OC, not entirely sure. It just came up on my feed one day :u

It’s kinda sad how people have no hopes in Tower Unite and just think that it’s supposed to be a money machine for the devs.
It’s probably just the people that are mad about how GMTower will be shut down and the successor to it won’t be free.


I could not agree more with this. I believe that Tower Unite will be 100 times better than GMTower and love the fact that people expect it to be free after playing an addon all these years. Hell, if I had to pay to play GMTower, I would of paid and think that people who are whining over the game being $15 are just silly. It’s not like the devs have to make a living or anything.

My first time playing Ultimate Chimera Hunt:


When people hijack my slot machine when booted off for being on it for too long and refuse to get off

When you see someone next to you getting the jackpot in video poker after you spend 5 hours trying to get it even though they already have over a million gmc and you barely even have 100K!!!.. Sigh. Deep breaths…

Playing silly forum games instead of actually playing Tower


When Panic at Horror Hill gets announced

When you time travel to 2006

When Mac joins the server and ignores you

Walking into a random condo with people laying on the floor, projectile vomit stains on the walls, random items placed everywhere, and loud music blaring through the TV.


When you meet a micspammer

You just met The Creature