Describe Gmod Tower moments with a gif


I got this idea from another forum! Describe a moment (or moments) from Gmod Tower!
Here are a few…

Playing the piano for the first time

Being the last survivor in Virus

Becoming a Colonel Pigmask

Waiting for a condo vacancy


Finally joining the server for the first time…


Waiting for the dang game mode to start

Trying to dodge in pvp be like:

Figuring out you can spin yourself while gesturing:

When condos are full and someone says they’re leaving their condo:

Going from a map you hate to a map you love:


When you miss a hole in one

When the server lags

When you reach 50,000 GMC

When you lose all of your money to poker


When exiting a game of whatever full of people you don’t know.

When someone makes fun of one of my freinds, who is the richest person on tower.


I think that about sums up my moments on tower with gifs, now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go watch more Youtube.


Watching someone being bitten by the Chimera:

Trying to infect someone in Virus when you’re right next to them:




Getting my 90th hula doll on the Spin To Win.


How I imagined @Zak at his desk while he was programming Tower Unite.


I can confirm that this is 100% accurate.
I made the whole game using a flurry of windows command prompts.


Please please please give me the source of that GIF.


When you’re in the casino and someone comes in spamming on the mic

When you’re the only person to get a hole in one in golf

Seeing the TU Alpha :wink:

Getting the achievement for falling from the top in Lobby One


When you see multiple players with the same player models:


Who is this guy? I keep seeing him, but I have no clue who he is…


Jontron. Look him up on youtube. He reviews videogames.


Disco in the lobby


Getting PVP Milestone #2
(Yes, the image had to be reversed, cause that makes more sense.)


When you die as Colonel Pigmask.

When somebody randomly says your name.

What it feels like to use the sword in PVP.

When Mac or Mistaria copy paste fireworks.

Avoiding bullets in virus:

Last but not least, Waiting for Tower Unite!


holy crap what’s with all these anime gifs here…

Not that I have something against anime, quite the opposite actually.


When a new Tower Unite Alpha comes out