[Dedicated Server] Optionally hosting more "stuff" on the dedicated server

I don’t like the idea of having to host a mini-game yourself. It’s great if you are with friends. But with 16 people connected the hole game starts lagging for most clients (not fps, but network lag) due to the thin upload rate in home connections. It would be nice if you could optionally host game-modes on a dedicated server.
The same with condos. Allowing players to create a condo session without having a loading screen would be amazing (you could use Unreal’s level streaming to spawn the level after triggering it through opening the door).
But I like the p2p voice chat. That’s great!

Hope you guys read it after you are done fixing all the nasty bugs.


I have Already Managed to make a Dedicated Golf/Ball race, i just need to to move From the Plaza List to the Golf/Ball list. as it showing as Plaza server. im not sure how to do this or how to add Map Rotation, its just the same map.

The server is
[UK] VisualzGaming #1 Tower Unite 1# Dedicated Minigolf Server

[UK] VisualzGaming #1 Tower Unite 1# Dedicated BallRace Server

When the Games end, then it restarts itself and kicks all the players out into Homepage.

Maybe a good Feature would be you can Add Manual IP Address of the Server you want it to send you to
Once the game is Finished.

Now It chucks me into the last plaza lobby i was in before i joined. Cool.


I wouldn’t even mind having to wait. It’s much better than playing with shitty ping


yup, i’m just waiting for the transfer and some optimisations

How did you do it? :slight_smile:

I found out that you can change some variables in the [Default]Engine.ini to start the server with one of the minigame maps. Unfortunately it kept crashing for me once someone connected to the server. :frowning:

@OGvisualz could you please share your solution with us?

Yeah I would love it if it dedicated servers could host games. As of right now, the majority of games I have joined had awful hosts. Lag spikes is pretty common, the ping is very unreliable, etc.

i usually play games in friends only mode because of this. it sucks

GlobalDefaultGameMode right?

If you change "ServerDefaultMap=/Game/Maps/L_PlazaMain" to "ServerDefaultMap=/Game/Maps/MG_Garden", your server will start using the minigolf map ‘Garden’.
Your server will still be listed in the Lobby server browser tho.

I don’t think changing GlobalDefault[Server]GameMode is necessary, even thought I tried it with "/Game/Blueprint/GamesMinigolf/Minigolf_Gamemode.Minigolf_Gamemode_C" and with none. Both crashed when a player connected.

I would also love to see an option like this. It sounds like a ton of work is being put into the P2P code right now. I have no doubt it will all work correctly when finished, but being able to host all or some items on the same dedicated server(s) would be nice. Having local condo “sessions” like Zennoe spoke about would be a cool option to have. Running out of your condo to visit a friend next door (without yours closing) was always a fun part of the game.

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Yeah I’d appreciate that. As far as I know they are working on proper condo support. I also care about reducing latency because a lot of the players have thin upload rates and therefore can’t host a server with that many people on it without lag.