Dedicated Server Developments


I’m going to be working on building the Dedicated Server today (For Windows and Linux).
I’ll post updates in this thread as work progresses on that.

Will there be a standalone server?
A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite
Linux Dedicated Server

Yes! Thanks <3

Oh and @Zak, do you plan on creating a server browser like Minecraft or Garry’s Mod on the next update?


Sounds good. Will the Linux version run on Mac OS X by any chance? Terminal I mean.


i don’t think linux programs would run without any type of porting to mac os x, but don’t take my word for it, ive never used linus or mac os x


Once we get ourselves situated on Steam we can easily start adding a server browser.

A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite

One thing I might suggest adding, at least in this Alpha Version of the Dedicated Server, perhaps a cleanup mode, that every hour or (user configurable), it’ll reset the server so things don’t get super cluttered.


I’ll see what I can do.

A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite

Building the unreal engine from GitHub source, this is gonna take a while:

Coffee break. :smile:

(This is required because the unreal engine doesn’t ship with a ‘Server’ build target, so you gotta make one)


Ah the good ole “It’s compiling, I’ll go watch TV for 20 Minutes” gag. haha


Had to build UnrealEd, and UnrealFrontend to get it compiling on the server target. so now I’m building and packing it and I guess I’ll see what happens.


That takes ***** forever it seems…even on my Unreal Projects.


Helps to have the project, engine, and compiler on 2 SSDs in a Raid0 configuration. :smile:


Well not everyone can be as fancy as that now can they.


I try to upgrade anything on my machine that blocks the critical path between my ideas and the final product.


Until either A. You reach another bottleneck (Internet…or something) or B. Your SSDs give out cause of write trashing. Good thing you guys use Git.


Thank you based @Zak. I’m hyped to meet people and run around with them.


Would you happen to have an ETA? I want to know if its worth staying awake an extra hour or 2 to get things up.


Any updates on this? Seems to have gone quiet…


The dedicated server is working and we plan to include it with the steam alpha we’ll be releasing soon after the campaign is over.

We’ll be keeping our backers (as well as anyone on the forums) in the loop regarding this.

Sorry for going quiet, been a bit busy.


@Zak What do you mean by end of campain? 20 days or after reaching 50k?