Dedicated Server Developments


After the campaign is over, 20 days.


As much of a wait that is…I guess it does make sense. That way you can just generate all the Steam Alpha keys at once and not have to deal with people backing last minute and then have to go back and generate more keys a second time. Plus, you never know what Pixeltail is capable of adding in 20 days.


Bump.13 hours left, so when keys are going to be send? Also, will steam version contain dedicated servers on Linux?


If you are referring to the Alpha Keys, they should be sent out at the end of the day that you purchased it from Indiegogo. If you haven’t check your Spam Box, or send an email to with “Serial Key Please” and include the backer e-mail address.

If you are referring to Steam Keys, the game is not yet out on Steam, and the keys will be mailed out when it is.

Also Remember, Steam Alpha and Early Access are different. Early Access Keys will be shipped March / April 2016.


Yea. Someone said that Pre-Alpha will be available on Steam. Am i right?


Yes, the Alpha version will be on Steam. However the date for that is up in the air. The “rumored” date is sometime Late August.


It says on Trello that there will be a dedicated server on November 2nd.


good job replying two months later.


I didn’t know where else to post it :neutral_face:


Is there any news for dedicated server ???


It is still being worked on. Last news I have heard about is the Linux version of the Dedicated Server is being built. It still isn’t in a state where it can be released yet.


Zak started setting up a tool depot on Steam, so that’s the latest progress so far.