December 2022 Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the December 2022 Survey!

We had just over 2700 people answer this time!

We’ll be using these results and the comments made to help us decide where to take the game next!

A couple random comments from me (Lifeless)

  • Bedzoom is more popular than I expected it to be
  • Hospital dominance continues, even from back in the GMod Tower days
  • This has been the case for a few years, but coincidentally all the most popular Ball Race maps are somewhat space themed
  • Acrophobia a new strong contender
  • A LOT of people have a VR headset

I did NOT expect as many as 24% of respondents to have a MIDI device.
Me getting to work on MIDI support on the instruments:


Dude, I’ve been trying to tell you guys this for years now. I just knew there’d be interest for VR support but y’all kept shrugging it off. I’m so happy to see that this survey has finally shown you guys just how much interest there really is


They can’t keep getting away with this D:

My friend and I were talking about how TU has the viability for VR! Hoping to see something down the line~ wink wonk

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BEYOND stoked for this game to get some proper VR support! Being in that environment now even in the current state of VR with using playspace mover was surreal. I would be playing Tower Unite a lot more with all my friends if I could immerse myself! Thanks for all your hard work on TU so far!


The aftermath of making a social space game in current year

Super cool to see the results of the poll, though, a little personally disappointed SDNL didn’t rank higher as it’s my most anticipated.


The technology wasn’t very good at the time and now technology and tools to create VR experiences have matured. We also didn’t have a lot of experience with the new technology and have been working hard on the base game. I also didn’t have a lot of interest in VR personally until the headsets got better. They would always give me motion sickness and now they do not.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that ranking as SDNL is still on track for the next game world. We need more time on Horror Hill.


Looking forward to this games future. I wish though that Mututors would get some love. Serious that addition would add so much replayability for all gamemodes. So many ideas you could do with it.


I think it mostly comes down to people still not being really aware of what they are, when we eventually get around to it I imagine itll be quite popular


REALLY excited to see Mutators sometime in the future. Maybe this year?

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I will soon get a VR headset (next month or so, Valve Index), so I’m glad that the VR version of TU will most likely get more focus in the future!

I hope community condo will come this year as well, I know this one in particular will be hard to do however.

I mean, fair enough about the lack of interest and experience but I really wouldn’t be so quick to judge the tech. I got my first VR headset in 2016 (the HTC Vive) and it was amazing. The games and experiences from around that time, are still some of the best experiences I’ve had in VR. Hell, Superhot VR came out in 2016 and, to this day, is still almost universally considered one of the best VR games ever.

There’s a lot of things I’d love to see in this, but I think the one thing missing from a list of things I’d most excited about are bug fixes. I really love this game, but it really needs a lot more love for existing features. I do know of at least one person who was a patreon that gave up on playing the game anymore due to bugs.

It’s difficult when you’ve essentially made quite a number of small to medium sized games in one piece of software, so there’s a lot of potential for bugs, but there’s some things that feel slightly neglected.

Again, this is due to a devteam this small covering that much ground, which results in very scattershot development. In my view, this is Pixeltail’s greatest weakness and they really need more workpower to mitigate it but, as far as I know, they’ve been mostly losing people and have only done one or two hires during the span of development of Tower Unite.

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We’re always working on bug fixes in each update. Doing a huge bug fix update takes a lot of time, but we’re also working on features that get the game in a finished state.

Our team hasn’t decreased in over 3 years, only increased. All our previous developers have left on good terms and for various reasons such as AAA jobs.

We can’t hire a ton of people as we don’t enough income to massively increase our team size.

I’m aware of that, which is why I keep insisting on the need of a publisher to help finance the game’s development, as well as aid in its publicity.

Also, how much do you mean with “massively”? How many people would you idea-realistically like working on TU?

It seems like they are enjoying this as a labor of love concept where the creators are doing what they love and enjoy. I prefer that for them honestly and would rather support that as I know content and updates as are being made because the people involved are seemingly enjoying their jobs. I would hate to see a good game ruined because people want to apply pressure to a timeline that has been running fine all this time without the additional pressure.

Thats ultimately what my peers and I enjoy about this game compared to other social games, it feels made with purpose and intent and not just to make money quick or meet a deadline and deliver a subpar product.

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Making a game out of passion doesn’t have to run opposite to having publisher backing. Not all publishers are shitty.

I’m very sure that the team is aware of the benefits and downsides of publishers and have made calculated decisions about it accordingly lol. It’s not just about “being shitty” too, as others said there’s the sudden attention to deadlines/features from a third party that would likely conflict with the goals of the team. Not great for a game that has run successfully by a controlled team for a long time now. Honestly tho it doesn’t matter what their reasonings are, no matter how fast they put out updates and bug fixes people will still say it’s not fast enough.