Customizable Jetpack Trails


55 votes and no dev reply? R.I.P me ;-;


3 months, does this count @Spookz
but yeah, i still like this idea too and i wonder if the devs noticed it


+1 for me, basically everyone has jet-pack at this point :smiley: pretty smart idea, would be cool if the trails differed from the particles that players and buy and wear though. :thumbsup:

Stuff that would be cool and would see back from gmod tower

some of them poorly made





-Song note-


This would be great!


maybe with a milestone you can get custom jet pack trails like, unlock green flame trail from infected in virus for killing survivors 50 times, or unlock smoke (like the one under the minigolf ball in a hole in one) for 100 hole in ones, or even maybe a red glow trail (red version of current one) for killing 100 vampires in zombie massacre.


great idea! +1