Customizable Jetpack Trails


I though it would be cool if you could change what comes out of your jetpack! Here are some trail ideas:

  1. Pixels
  2. Rainbows
  3. Water
  4. Fire
  5. Smoke
  6. Musical Notes
  7. Spider Webs
  8. Blood (This got dark, too dark)
  9. Stars
  10. Bubbles
  11. Sparks
  • I also though it would be cool to be able to color the default trails and if you wanted to you could disable the trail completely :wink:

Jetpack Tools/Variations

This would be super rad. +1.


This would be cool, since so many people have jetpacks it’d be cool to make them customizable. :raising_hand:


Yeah, I like for everyone to be able to be unique. (You can also single out the people too lazy to make their own look or the people that are new)


This would be super rad. +1


Maybe you could also customize the color/design of the jetpack itself??


Custom sounds as well available for purchase with or separate of the trails?


Yea I’d certainly enjoy it spider webs all the way.




Macaroni. Because.
With a rattling sound effect to boot.


Lol, I was going to say Macaroni but forgot to


Great idea, definitely a +1 from me.

A few more ideas:

  1. Slime
  2. Ice or Ice Cubes
  3. Gold Coins
  4. Dollar Bills (Something like the donor effect would work)
  5. Mac’s Face
  6. Nyan Cats
  7. Rockets/Missiles
  8. Bullets
  9. Dark Space effect (Like the GW2 Twilight weapon trail)
  10. Light Space effect (Like the GW2 Sunrise weapon trail)


One of these things is not like the other!


I would totally be up for customization for trails.
-dark purple or blue beams with stars.
-cats n dogs.
-canvases to set trail (but probably not possible.)


This is probably possible, considering that any image from the Internet can be used as a texture, which can most likely be used as its own particle/material, but the player would need some way to input the URL to the texture first.


And that could easily be dealt with by adding an option to the item. Right click on the jetpack item in your inventory and click on ‘Set Trail URL.’ We could even use a drop down menu exactly like the one for setting Jetpack Power in GMT. Click on ‘Set Trail URL’, a window pops up with 1 text box (For putting in the URL), an ‘Apply’ button, and ‘Discard Changes’ button. And if you really want to go the extra mile, put in a checkbox for ‘Mature Content’ for the parental controls option(s) that will be added in the near future.


The thing with everything being a canvas is that they have to load, which leads to lag. They also make people who don’t care go through extra trouble. It’s not good for everything to be a canvas.


Well it will add to the initial load of the condo/lobby, yeah. But once it’s loaded, the lag it adds really isn’t that much more than other things. It all depends on how they are dealt with.

What do you mean here exactly? I’m a little confused. If you are talking about it making things more complicated for people, yes that is true at first. But having a drop-down menu for an item isn’t super complicated. We have already used things like that in GMT.

If you are saying it makes people who load go through extra trouble, then (and I may be spoiled with a good wired connection here) I would say waiting the extra 5-30 seconds is worth it if it adds more than 5-30 seconds worth of content.

The loading is all done when you join a condo. If you’re having issues with the loads, go join a condo, get up off of your computer, and go grab some water or something. Come back in two or three minutes and you’ll be completely loaded. Patience fixes everything. :smile:


Some people would rather not go through the trouble of finding or making an image for their trail.

Not really having an issue with lagging, but I think that if you had to load an individual file for each jetpack-using player, it would cause some burden.


Maybe there should be a whitelist option for players to individually select other players to enable the download of their URL texture. It prevents players from seeing images from random other people that they’d prefer not to see and allows them to see images from only those people they trust.

I’d imagine that a relog would be necessary at that point to actually start downloading images from them, since you wouldn’t have downloaded any custom images from them or anyone else in the first place.