Customizable Jetpack Trails


Ah, I see what you mean now. Those people don’t need to upload an image for it though. If they don’t want to go through the effort of doing it, then they simply won’t. But It’s nice to have as an option for the players who are interested.

I do see why that could cause concerns. There are many condos with 100-200+ canvas’ already and I have heard of people having FPS issues with certain places. Fortunately for me I don’t really have issues with them, but my rig isn’t cheap. With a 970 and it runs this game 90+ fps almost everywhere with everything on Turbo (highest settings), even with around a ton of items around me. Believe it or not, the worst lag I have experienced so far was some in some dudes home theatre. There were hundreds of spiders in it, covering the walls, ceiling, and most of the floor. As well as a shrine.

Just look at all the evil lagmonsters! :spider: :fearful:

So my point there is anything we add will cause lag. Especially high-poly objects (Eg: Spider). It would be interesting to see a comparison of framerates between jetpack trails and some condo rooms. The trails would only activate when a jetpack is being used too, so the lag that is made from trails wouldn’t be like the ones in GMT.

Perhaps this is another situation that could go with the options? For example, Canvas Options > Player Jetpack Trails - And you can toggle the canvas options on or off for specific media types. Like the Player Jetpack Trails, DVD/Game Cases, Body Pillows, Wall Canvas, etc:


I suppose it changes between players, then. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad and I’m just being weird. Sorry. Go for it, worth a try.


Better LOD, efficient object batching and semi-realtime lighting would help a lot, but our devs are not capable of Modding their Rendering Pipeline (due to the lack of time and Skills)


plus juan!!! dis sound good!


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Well seeing this post is alive again, Maybe this could be something to do with the upgrades store



Upgrades is meant for gameworlds stuff.


Yeah but this is as much of an upgrade as the game world items would have as it is a cosmetic change like changing the skin of a ball in ball race.



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The Upgrades store is for gameworld items only, though. Regardless of if the jetpack trails would fit in with the type of item. The jetpack trails would be more at home in the appearance tab.


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Also back to point, would they not make these customisation/trails cost? As If that is the case then it would suit the upgrade store, and who is to say whether it will just be for game world things as upgrading can apply to anything from items to the game modes.

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Wow! This jetpack stuff is pretty interesting!



This is a good suggestion



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