Custom Posters

With the removal of copyright things from Tower Unite, there will probably be a drastic reduction in poster options. As such, what if you could purchase “Custom Posters” for your condo? They would act the same as a normal poster with the exception that they need to have a URL attached. This URL directs to an image which the poster would then display. The poster dimensions would either be customizable or there would be a selection of preset dimensions at the store (whichever the developers want). It’s nothing major, but it might add a nice touch to everyone’s condos.

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how about you upload it to imgur and copy the picture’s link

That would be one way to do it, but it wouldn’t need to be imgur. So long as the link directed to an image, the poster would display the image at the URL.

@Arkive86 The only problem I have with this is the possible use of explicit material. Otherwise, great idea!

We’re thinking about including this type of functionality.

The only issue is the explicit imagery. To combat that we’ll have parental controls to turn it off.

We are also considering a dialogue that pops up when you first enter someone’s condo for the first time that asks if you want to load the owner’s custom artwork.

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@macdguy And from what I’ve heard a while back there will be some sort of adult content warning before entering someone’s condo if they have explicit material on the TV or what not?

AMAZING IDEA!!! im gonna put in a “hang in there” cat poster : D

How TowerUnite condos will look like:

Cats and anime posters everywhere.


They already said they will do custom posters but probably not right when tower is released but later on.

Just make it for people to say that it’s G, PG, M, or X Rated…

We showed this off in the stream, but it’s more mature now.

Yes, it loads images from the internet and currently supports PNG, BMP, and JPG.

Hope you like it!


Awesome! I can’t wait to use this feature.

would it work with Randimg?
Gif support?

They stated that PNG, JPG and BPM are only currently supported. In terms of Randimg, yes, all you need is the direct URL of an image. If you want the direct URL of an image, just right click on an image you see online and then click ‘Copy image URL.’

Well yeah, but what I want to know is if I use a randimg link, will it actually use a different image every time I go to my condo?

Here, click me multiple times.

I couldn’t tell you anything for certain, seeing as I’m not a developer, but I don’t think it would work simply because the URL you linked to redirects you. My guess is that the poster either won’t display anything since the source URL has no image, or else it will redirect the URL and the poster will use the redirected URL instead and will only display from the new URL.

It will probably display the image chosen at random. @Arkive86

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No gif support? I know its unreal to have moving poster, but... you know its just a game.

GIF support seems more likely to be a feature for the ingame TVs and tablets than the canvas.

wait what?
What is this feature?