Cursor is in incorrect position

When I try to navigate the menu screen, my cursor is not where it should be which makes it incredibly hard to try and navigate - I can’t even play the game to see if this cursor problem only applies to the menu. I noticed the game window appears to become minimised then full screen again upon startup - could this be related? Here’s a video of what happens to give you guys more of an idea of the problem.

have your taskbar autohide

Do you mean selecting to automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode?

yes, I had this issue in the past and that fixed it

If that doesn’t fix it, check your launch options on steam. That looks like an issue with the game’s resolution and if you’re forcing a weird resolution in the launch options it could be causing that. If not, try to get to the settings and change the resolution from there/switch the fullscreen mode.

Annoyingly having my taskbar on autohide didn’t work, but thanks for the suggestion anyway! Also, unfortunately due to the cursor issue I’m not even able to change the resolution in settings, but I will have a go at looking into the launch options!

you could also try changing the resolution in the config in the game files

So, I have an update on the situation. I had a go at changing my game launch options in Steam and managed to change the display settings that way in order to get my game to work! For anyone curious about what I put exactly, I typed ‘-w 1920 -h 1080 -fullscreen’ and that managed to do the job. Thanks to everyone for all your help! :slight_smile:


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