Creepy Masks!


Just worked on some masks that i thought would be fun, You can use them if you want but they dont have any colour to them, these are what they look like

My Favourite.

And heres the links to download them.


i mean, they kinda belong in a ben drown game lol


Well TU are welcome to use them in game or include them in the game as a workshop item if anyone uploaded it I’d just want the workshop version to be credited. if they wanted, I’m tempted to make one into a mask at a 3d print shop


God these mask can give people nightmares.

Now i know what im gonna do tommorow.


whats that?


That and have one of them 3D printed.


Make sure to share it here!


the second one on the top kinda looks like a pug


I thought it’d be funny


I tried make some over stuff for fun, can’t keep the colours but wanted to try doodling more through it


this could be really good in a horror game, title would be


That coloured mask looks like something out of PAYDAY 2
Also why does it look like that pig shaped mask has boobs for eyes?


what the sh*t? Since when could you use custom things? Is this something you can sue in game? Tell me please!


I wish it was, if theres a workshop mode that gets made for hats or if they want to include themselves as Im not going to be using them, Also heres your chance to become a Dolphin Man!


The pig is an object I made for fun, its meant to be like a little Desk ornament than a mask


The steam workshop will allow you to use your own custom hats (as well as condo items) in-game, so you could add these into the game when the workshop is implemented.


is this early halloween or late halloween?




To sppopy!


Whilst waiting I will make it a workshop item for the wall probably

Just had a little fun messing with Paint3d and Mixed reality to make a photo

It will be fun when workshop is compelted. not long to go.