Creepy Masks!


I tried mess with a mouse thing/freddy fozbear kind of head through 3d builder. It takes time to make stuff but anyone can do it with simple messing around. Create explore and make.

Let workshop free you.


mickey mouse really ate a lot of those fruit crisps he made


heres one i just messed with right now. Mr Glee the happy one.

Watch out for your neighbours.


1, 2, oatm- holy shit what kind of kirby bootleg is this


I wonder if i could make him walk or something, i have no idea how to rig or anything only do modeling but that would be creepy to walk around just the smile as he plays golf and slaughters zombies in the knights tavern


Oh also this is the finished version on the right of the creepy mask, i never uploaded the difference i did


Also worked on a Rabbit Mask and for fun a peice of furniture.