Crash on lobby

Every time I try to join a lobby server even a empty server I crash before I can do anything. Though I am able to play all the minigames and go into my condo I am unable to access the lobby. I not sure what I am doing wrong here. Also thank you for your time.

Although you supplied an error message, you’ll also need a crash minidump.

You should get and upload the crash minidump (Thread on how to properly report crashes).
Having a crash minidump helps the developers to pinpoint the cause of crash and allows them to fix it.

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The error is that the process that handles rendering took too long to keep up with the game, with the plaza map it’s most likely because it seems to require more processing resources to run properly than the gamemodes do.

The best fix available is to head into your graphical settings and reduce settings such as texture quality, shadow quality, water shaders and anti-aliasing.

This will result in the render thread having to do less which might be enough to allow it to finish its job before the game thread decides it has failed and stops everything

Another thing to do would be to update your hardware drivers (graphics drivers and the like) since these problems can also be caused by things such as software conflicting with each other.

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