Crash help

When I start the game and on the loading main screen, it crashes. I have verified files and updated my graphics driver, what else can I do?

Please provide information about the specifications of the computer.


My processor is an Intel Core i3-1005G1 @ 1.20 GHz (integrated graphics)
I have 8GB of RAM

Unfortunately, Unreal Engine (and Tower Unite) doesn’t support Integrated Graphics.

Would I be able to change it to something the engine supports, and if so how?

You would need to use a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia or AMD.
From the cpu you presented I’m making the assumption that this is a laptop, so if your laptop does have a dedicated graphics card make sure that your system is configured to use it.

The only other way is to use something like thunderbolt (a port on the computer) to use an external graphics card which may or may not be an option to you.

Though if your computer only has integrated graphics and you don’t have a thunderbolt port, I don’t think Tower Unite is going to run unfortunately. :frowning_face: